Tuesday, September 28

What would Johnny Cash do in my office?

My 9-5 office moved today. Or rather, we packed all the stuff at the office yesterday and today it magically appeared in our new house in Västra Hamnen. Ok, maybe not so much magic as a good moving company.

Boxes in the old office.

We left a lovely but crowded space in a brick building downtown for a new building in the hip area that used to be a working harbour. I'm not sure I like Västra Hamnen. Way too fancy and too windy.

The walls are supposed to be lime green - but they don't look anything like any citrus fruit I've ever seen. I think the colour was originally called radioactive snot-green, but it didn't sell under that name.

My office is on the fifth floor. It's a long way down.

We're not supposed to have posters on the walls, but I put up my WWJCD?-poster anyway.

Yes, WWJCD? I'm pretty sure he'd put up this poster.

I'm not sure what I'm doing, I suspect that Bengt took this photo when I wasn't prepared.

I hope I'll remember to head to the new building tomorrow... Who knows, I might even learn to live with the green walls and the orange plastic chairs in the cafeteria.


Jessica said...

Where did you find that poster? I love it! I've looked all over for it.

punk in writing said...

I googled johnny cash and found it somewhere on the internet. Printed it at the office and trimmed the edges.

I've lost the original file, otherwise I'd post it on the blog.

punk in writing said...

I managed to track down a link to a version of the image. Hope this works.