Friday, October 29

Gaslight Anthem at KB or why I love social media

Dragged my tired self to KB last night to check out Gaslight Anthem. They were great live and they played two songs I requested on twitter!

Gaslight Anthem. I kinda wish I'd brought my system camera.

Singer Brian Fallon actually checks his twitter before soundcheck to see if there are any requests for the show that night. So I asked for two of my favourites, Wherefore art thou, Elvis? and Señor and the Queen, both are from the EP Señor and the Queen.

On the train home I said thank you for a great show and nearly fell out of my seat when I got a reply within seconds.

Brian Fallon can be found on twitter as @briangaslight

I streamed parts of the gig via bambuser. I've had some run-ins with the security at KB about bringing my camera, so I left it at home. The light was great and would have made some great shots, but in the end it was nice to simply watch the show and enjoy being in the moment.

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