Monday, October 4

Mama I'm a busy, busy bee

Is it Monday again? Where did the weekend go? It feels I just left the office and now I'm back again.
Anyway, dropped by TattooExpo in Malmö after work on Friday to say hi to Adam and listen to the buzzing of tattoo machines and the sweet sound of J.Tex.

Nice to see you too, Adam.

Christian was working too, in his Saint 21 tee, Pike Brothers jeans and suspenders. Looking sharp!

Adam did some work too.

And then I headed home to drop my bags and pick up my camera before going to Mejeriet. We run a punk club called 1000 Punks and my friends The Headlines were playing.

The Headlines. More photos on flickr.

I left early to walk their drummer to the train station and headed home to edit some photos. And by editing some photos I mean I stared at the screen, looked at old music videos on YouTube and fell asleep way too late.

Woke up early on Saturday to head to Skivarp where my Mom is the vicar. Saturday was the big local event in Skivarp, the potato market. I ate waffles, bought some homemade jam and had a good time with Pax.

Pax. Probably the best dog in the world.

That evening I finally got around to editing my photos from Friday. I was supposed to head to Copenhagen for Cherry Overdrive's release party but the week caught up with me and I stayed in. Watched a couple episodes of Whale Wars instead.

Got up early on Sunday and headed to the gym. I started working properly out a month or so ago and it's the best thing I've done in a long time. And I never thought I'd say something like this, but everything feels better after I've worked out.

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