Tuesday, October 26

Pretty Tuesday

My hair has gotten way too long, so I headed down to Big Hair Mama to let my friend Yen work her magic on my hair.


It's always fun at Big Hair Mama, I chill out as soon as I walk through the door. The salon just gets nicer and nicer every time I drop by.

Yen. Badass dancer, baker and hairdresser.

We decided to cut off a good 10 cm of my hair, because it was way too long and it grows like crazy. My ponytail needed shape and bounce again! But it does feel short... to me.

Damn, don't I look serious?

A new haircut is a terrible thing to waste, so I met up with Malin for dinner at Mello Yello. They have heaters on Lilla Torg, so we ate outside. Two health nuts (other Malin works at a fitness magazine and works out even more than me) indulging in fish soup and sinful amounts of garlic bread and parmesan bread. We even had dessert. Hey, it's only Tuesday once a week.

Malin #2

Posing. I ain't good at it.

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