Monday, October 18

Proud to be a geek girl

On Saturday night somebody asked me if I was cool about hanging with a bunch of geeks. I told them that not only was I cool with it, I'm organising an all-girl geek meetup.

I installed the first computer my mother bought, I loved my 8-bit Nintendo and traded bootleg tapes and mixtapes with people I met on the Dandy Warhols mailing list back in the 90's, long before online forums and etsy. I love the possibilities, the information and the friends I've made with the help of the web.

My first geek girl meetup was in Helsingborg a few months ago. I left that day with new inspiration, new connections and a good feeling. The whole event was about sharing, listening and networking.
Let's face it - geek girls are cool. We're smart, we help each other out and we get things done.
If you're coming to ggmcph on November 6th you'll see for yourself.

100 women signed up for Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen in a few days and our waiting list got so long that we decided to find a way to include 50 additional geek girls.

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