Monday, November 22


Brussels... lots of good food, meetings and beautiful buildings. I ate four desserts in three days, drank one Belgian beer and spent the rest of my money on art books.

another meeting...
There was a lot of meetings in various offices.

We had a pretty full schedule with meetings at the European Parliament, the European Comission and other such places. Some were interesting, some were an experience and one meeting involving a German was... well, I guess you had to be there.

There was a lot of street art and beautiful architecture. I saw quite a few murals and contemporary art next to cathedrals, beautiful old buildings and one or two good-looking contemporary buildings. I stumbled a lot, because I was looking at architecture and not at the uneven parts of the pavement.

Street Art
Near the parliament.

art nouveau
Gorgeous art nouveau building that houses a museum of musical instruments.

funky building
Funky building - it's ugly and yet it's not.

And then there was the food. I had everything from spaghetti puttanesca in a small Italian restaurant to the Belgian classic moules frites at Chez Vincent. And did I mention the four desserts in three days? But the highlight was dinner at a Moroccan place called Kashbah.

Remains of a delicious dinner at Kashbah.

We shared a huge platter of meze as a starter, then there was a huge tagine filled with vegetables followed by sorbet and Moroccan mint tea for dessert. They even had a belly dancer.

We also checked out the Magritte museum and I found a lovely art book in a graffiti shop called Montana Gallery. And yes, there was Belgian chocolate too...

More photos on flickr.

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