Sunday, November 14

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day in Sweden. My dad passed away just before my 13th birthday.

He worked as a dentist but had his own recording studio and installed stereos in his spare time. That's how he met my mother. They had seen each other around the dental school in Malmö where they both studied. My dad used to DJ at parties, that's how mum knew who he was.

My grandparents got a stereo installed, and then mum decided to get one too. But dad had forgotten a cable so he had to come back to mum's place the next day. And the next day there was something else that didn't work... Dad had some smooth moves.

I've inherited my passion for music and my tech skills from my dad. Mom thinks that manuals are part of the packaging and tends to throw them out before reading them, and then calling me because she can't get her new computer/TV/stereo to work.
Every time I ask "And what have you done with the manual?" her reply is always "You're so much like your father. That's exactly what he always said".

Happy Father's Day Dad. You left way too soon.

Dad in his studio, early 1980's.

"feel a sadness burning in my heart, you left too early father love"

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