Sunday, November 7

ggmcph - Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen

16 hours of non-stop activity, 150 fantastic women and one amazing event. The first Geek Girl Meetup in Copenhagen was a success! I met so many amazing women.

Geek Girl
Geek Girl ponytail

I got out of bed at 5.45, packed the last stuff for the showroom and headed to the train station with 200 CDs from HepTown Records on my bike. Which would have been a lot easier if it wasn't raining... And as a bonus Skånetrafiken cancelled my train, making me late. Grrr...

I made it to Iværksætterhuset after a very brisk walk through Nørrebro, passing several lovely bakeries on an empty stomach. Who says I have no strength of character?

ggmcph lakrids
Good thing we had a sponsor who gave us licorice covered in chocolate and gold dust...

We got the showroom set up during the first unconference session and workshops, starting with the clothes swap. We asked all geek girls to bring clothes they don't use anymore. They got a token for each item they brought, and could exchange that token for something from the swap table later on. It was fun to see that a lot of stuff changed owners during the day.

ggmcph clothes swap
clothes swap

The lovely Camille organised a craft corner with embroidery, bead work and jewellery design that proved to be very popular. There was a lot of networking, talking and planning while working on earrings and robots.

We'd also borrowed a playstation move from Nordisk Film, and the game start the party! was perfect for our showroom. Fun and easy to get the hang of. Saving chickens and zapping ghosts were my favourites.

ggmcph crafts
craft table

ggmcph playstation move
Henriette has a go on the playstation move.

There were some amazing talks and workshops, but as an organizer I didn't really have time to sit down and enjoy them. I plan to catch up via bambuser later today.
What was amazing was listening to the buzz and the talking, networking and planning that was going on everywhere. Knowing that I played a small part in making all that happen is an amazing feeling.

I also got the chance to do a small workshop on how to turn a t-shirt into a tank top and be quiz master for the geek pop quiz that finished the evening.
I'm really proud that all the food was vegetarian and the leftovers were given to charity, as were all the clothes left over from the swap.

Heading home...

It was a very happy geek girl with sore feet that headed back home to Sweden at the end of the day. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, especially at night.

See more photos from Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen on flickr.

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