Friday, December 31

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2010 seems to have flown by.
Lots of things have happened in my life this year but I finally feel like I'm moving in the right direction. I couldn't have done it without my friends. You know who you are and I love you all. From here we can only go forward.

Some of you have read this blog since the start, others have just joined the party. I appreciate you all and wish you a fabulous 2011.

Wednesday, December 29

New Perspective

Got some new perspectives at work today. Perspectives of the oh-look-I-can-see-over-the-main-building-kind. I rode the turntable ladder and it was a good thing I borrowed work wear from the firefighters. It's windy when you're that high up.

Yup, that's the truck way down there.

Today was actually the second time I rode a turntable ladder. Tried it on Monday too, at another station. Didn't manage to get any photos from the basket though, because it's tricky to handle a smartphone with firefighter gloves.

The outfit. The boots are always too big.

There's a lot of stuff in a fire truck.

This thing is called a "bonk".
Presumably because that's the sound it makes when used.

Ridin' in the back

I can't even back up my car this straight.

Saturday, December 25

This Christmas..

I celebrated at my mother's house. She's a vicar so she works during the holidays. I've done most of the cooking and shovelled a lot of snow. It's been snowing like crazy here for the past few days and I can't remember ever seeing this much snow in southern Sweden.

I can't even get my car into my parking space because the city and my landlord haven't done anything to clear away the snow on my street. Don't get me wrong, I like snow. Just not this much of it.

Mom has an orange tree in her living room. With lights.
She has a proper christmas tree too, but it's not as pretty as this.

I cooked a veggie ham, also known as "ham without butt" from Astrid och aporna.

Merry Christmas!

Gifts! I feel a tiki party coming on...

My plan for the rest of the day is to watch a movie and eat a sinful amount of chocolate. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 22

Merry Christmas!

We've got way more snow than we need, gifts that need wrapping and a veggie ham to look forward to.
Here's me and my partners in crime from the HepCat Store wishing you all happy holidays. Elf yourself - you gotta love it.

Monday, December 20

I see faces

I wish I'd thought of this... it's like an instant snowman. Times three.

Spotted in Malmö on Saturday.

Saturday, December 18


Made my way through the snow and checked out Fatboy at KB tonight. The first part was a little slow but they got the crowd going about halfway through the set and from that point it rocked.
Also tried out Vignette, a new photo app for my phone. Must say I'm impressed with the result.




More photos on flickr and a video on bambuser.

Friday, December 17


Went to the movies and checked out Tron Legacy in 3D tonight. I remember watching the original movie from 1982 on TV as a kid.

Tron Legacy must be a little strange to people who've never seen Tron, because it's full of visual references to the original.
The new movie is shinier, sleeker and has a soundtrack by Daft Punk, who also do a cameo.

Wednesday, December 15

Dreaming of sunshine

I know Christmas is right around the corner but I can't help longing for summer. Winter can be beautiful but right now I feel the need for warmer weather, longer days and sunshine.

Ah... this is more like it.

Monday, December 13

Hello, I'm the new girl

I started a new job last week. New buildings, new faces and new names. There's been a lot of learning for me these past few days.
It's scary but also exciting to do something new. I now work at the local fire department, which means I'll soon be a punk in uniform.

New view

I'll be working with communication and social media, so I need to learn as much as possible about everything that goes on at a fire department. And that's a lot. Education, inspections, permits, putting out fires and saving lives...
Today I got lessons in basic life support and fire safety.

And then there's a lot of new people and names to remember, and I'm not good with names. Luckily all the firemen have their first name on their shirt.

Wednesday, December 8

Gingerbread Cake

I baked a gingerbread cake last night. I'd used the oven to cook dinner, so I figured I might as well bake. My kitchen still smells like Christmas...

Good cake, crappy photo.


I visited the local nuns yesterday. Mariadöttrarna (Daughters of Mary) is a Lutheran religious order that is a part of the Church of Sweden.

It's always interesting to meet people who have chosen to live differently from the norm. The three sisters in my town live in a lovely old house and visiting them is a bit like stepping out of everyday society and into a more quiet and thoughtful place.

We talked about Christmas, faith and many other things. They have three nuns in the order who are my age, and they were happy to have "young ones" in their midst.
I feel no urge or calling to become a nun myself, but I find them very inspiring.

I didn't take any photos, because it just felt rude to ask when you are a guest in somebody's home. So here's a photo from newspaper Dagen.

Foto: Josefin Casteryd

Sunday, December 5


One good thing about all this annoying snow is getting texts like this. Happy dog in snow.


Thursday, December 2

Christmas in my fridge

It's here! The gingerbread-flavoured yoghurt that's only sold in December. You either love it or you hate it.
Me? I'm lovin' it...

Yum. A classic from Skåne next to a classic from Brussels.