Monday, December 13

Hello, I'm the new girl

I started a new job last week. New buildings, new faces and new names. There's been a lot of learning for me these past few days.
It's scary but also exciting to do something new. I now work at the local fire department, which means I'll soon be a punk in uniform.

New view

I'll be working with communication and social media, so I need to learn as much as possible about everything that goes on at a fire department. And that's a lot. Education, inspections, permits, putting out fires and saving lives...
Today I got lessons in basic life support and fire safety.

And then there's a lot of new people and names to remember, and I'm not good with names. Luckily all the firemen have their first name on their shirt.


Little Rascal said...

Det var banne mej en vacker vy!

Vad spannande med nytt jobb, hoppas allt gar bra och att du stormtrivs.

punk in writing said...

Tack. :)