Wednesday, December 8


I visited the local nuns yesterday. Mariadöttrarna (Daughters of Mary) is a Lutheran religious order that is a part of the Church of Sweden.

It's always interesting to meet people who have chosen to live differently from the norm. The three sisters in my town live in a lovely old house and visiting them is a bit like stepping out of everyday society and into a more quiet and thoughtful place.

We talked about Christmas, faith and many other things. They have three nuns in the order who are my age, and they were happy to have "young ones" in their midst.
I feel no urge or calling to become a nun myself, but I find them very inspiring.

I didn't take any photos, because it just felt rude to ask when you are a guest in somebody's home. So here's a photo from newspaper Dagen.

Foto: Josefin Casteryd

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