Wednesday, December 29

New Perspective

Got some new perspectives at work today. Perspectives of the oh-look-I-can-see-over-the-main-building-kind. I rode the turntable ladder and it was a good thing I borrowed work wear from the firefighters. It's windy when you're that high up.

Yup, that's the truck way down there.

Today was actually the second time I rode a turntable ladder. Tried it on Monday too, at another station. Didn't manage to get any photos from the basket though, because it's tricky to handle a smartphone with firefighter gloves.

The outfit. The boots are always too big.

There's a lot of stuff in a fire truck.

This thing is called a "bonk".
Presumably because that's the sound it makes when used.

Ridin' in the back

I can't even back up my car this straight.

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