Saturday, December 25

This Christmas..

I celebrated at my mother's house. She's a vicar so she works during the holidays. I've done most of the cooking and shovelled a lot of snow. It's been snowing like crazy here for the past few days and I can't remember ever seeing this much snow in southern Sweden.

I can't even get my car into my parking space because the city and my landlord haven't done anything to clear away the snow on my street. Don't get me wrong, I like snow. Just not this much of it.

Mom has an orange tree in her living room. With lights.
She has a proper christmas tree too, but it's not as pretty as this.

I cooked a veggie ham, also known as "ham without butt" from Astrid och aporna.

Merry Christmas!

Gifts! I feel a tiki party coming on...

My plan for the rest of the day is to watch a movie and eat a sinful amount of chocolate. Happy Holidays!

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