Sunday, January 30

What a good dinner will get you

Had a great weekend and managed to fit in a few hours of work, a movie and dinner with my sister at a great Japanese restaurant. And that was just Saturday.

Today I met up with Rob and Von Sven at IKEA after my yoga class. Rob needed some things for the shop and I needed a new bookshelf. There was hardly anyone else there, so our shopping trip went smoother than expected.
I invited the boys for dinner, which meant I had help carrying my stuff up to my apartment and got my bookshelf assembled while I was in the kitchen. It's amazing what a good dinner can get you.

Two tattooed guys with phones, discussing vintage candy.
Dessert was an assortment of chocolate and handmade caramel.

Rob got a little restless while the food was in the oven, so he put up my bathroom shelf too. My Saint 21 crew rule, that's why I spoil them with cookies and chocolate fudge cake on a regular basis.

Finally in place!

Von Sven will be doing a pinstriping demo at the HepCat Store on Monday and Tuesday, so drop by if you're near Lund! Details here.

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