Wednesday, January 12

Some days

Some days you wake up and your back hurts for no good reason. Some days you pick up your bike from the train station where it's been sitting for weeks, only to trip and cut a hole in your favourite jeans on the way home.

Some days you find out that things aren't gonna happen they way you hoped that they would. Dreams turn into disappointments and that hurts.
Some days there's nothing to do but hope that everything happens for a reason. And bake cherry flapjacks while you're listening to Jimmy Eat World.

Flapjacks with cherries.


Blondie said...

Some days are like that...I wish I could spend the whole day in bed with some hot chocolate right about now. Cute post. Kori xoxo

punk in writing said...

Hmm... yeah I'd love to spend more mornings in bed... with chocolate and a good book. :)