Saturday, February 12

John Lindberg Trio

Went to see John Lindberg Trio play at Inkonst in Malmö last night. These guys have just released their fourth album and have toured like crazy in the last few years. But they haven't played down south much so this was the first time I saw them.

These young guys put on a great show; fun, fast and flirting with the audience. It's pretty clear that they're veterans on the road by now. Check 'em out if you get the chance!

John Lindberg Trio
John Lindberg Trio. Photo taken with Vignette for Android.

I had a great night and danced both jive, bugg and a little bit of lindy hop in front of the stage. JLTs latest single is called "Why Don't You Dance" so we figured we might as well do what they wanted us to.
Dancing just because it's fun is great. Nobody cares how much you mess up as long as you keep going and keep having fun. The last one on the dancefloor gets stuck guarding the handbags!

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