Saturday, March 5

Deuce of Spades

Finally got my hands on a copy of independent hot rod-movie Deuce of Spades. I liberated the copy we have at the HepCat Store over the weekend. It's good to know your merchandise and all that.

And the movie? It's clearly a low-budget, b-movie. But as far as hot rod movies go, it's clearly one of the better ones. Good story, good looking cars and some really good photography. And a movie that focuses on relationships, passion and good looking guys is a welcome addition to the rockabilly scene.
We've got thousands of pin up girls and we need something for the girls to look at too. And now we have proof that ladies can work on cars and look good in shorts at the same time. But I think it's much more fun to watch the hot guys with their shirts off doing the same thing...

Gas station. Hot rods like it here.


Yeah, there's love in it too.

Deuce of Spades.

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