Friday, March 11

A Flamin' Socket

It was just another Friday night at the HepCat Store. I was getting ready to head home and Rob was eager to get out the door and pick up his girlfriend. We turned out the lights and Rob pulled a plug from the socket... and the plug went up in flames. The socket wasn't looking too good either.

This ain't how it's supposed to look.

So we made a few frantic phonecalls and got hold of our friend and electrician Martin. He graciously dropped what he was doing and came to our rescue.
We had to cut the power so he could work on the socket, but that also meant that we had to find a really long extension cord for the power drill and some light. Luckily, my phone comes with a pretty kickass flashlight.

Electricity by flashlight.

Turns out a power strip was the culprit... the heating fan is plugged in at the other end and Rob pulled the plug while the heating fan was still running. That probably what caused the power strip to overload and the plug to go up in flames.
Martin replaced the wall socket and we got rid of the busted power strip.

So if a wall socket starts to smoke or look burned... cut the power and get in checked out by a pro. Stuff like that can make entire buildings go up in flames.

Chillin' with a well-deserved cup of coffee.

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