Sunday, March 27

From An Old Photo Album

I spent a lovely Sunday morning at my mother's house, enjoying a family brunch. Sunshine, daffodils, fresh air and a happy dog. Yup, spring is definitely in the air.

We looked thru an old photo album too. Lots of pictures of my mother as a baby and the family's first apartment in Vellinge. This first photo is from Dalagården, where my grandmother grew up.

"Gunvors favourite place on Dalagården."
My grandmother, my mother and Zenta the dog.

Grandma holding Mom in her christening gown.
Still from an educational movie on dairy production, featuring my grandfather.

My great-uncle Lasse, Mom and Möller.
This photo is 60 years old and mom and Lasse are still really close.

I've posted some photos from my father's side of the family here.

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