Wednesday, July 20

Rockabilly Riot

Just got back from a great night in Copenhagen. Brian Setzer rocked Vega with his Rockabilly Riot featuring Slim Jim Phantom. They played a lot of hits and put on one helluva show with bass battles, Stray Cats songs and some fine guitar playing.

I sipped a rum and ginger ale, sang along to almost every song, clapped my hands and stomped my feet until they hurt. And yes, they played fishnet stockings. Yay!

Brian Setzer
Epic bass battle

Brian Setzer
Slim Jim Phantom and Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer
Rockin' the sparkly green Gretsch guitar.

fishnet stockings
"my sweet baby wears fishnet stockings, when she starts a rockin' there ain't no stoppin'"

Full set of blurry camera phone photos on flickr.

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