Sunday, August 7

Stuff I Used and Wore at A-Bombers

I just got back from this years A-Bombers Old Style Weekend. I was there with the HepCat crew as usual and we've had some long and fun days. Being a vendor ain't all glamour... yet I seem to have more fun working at events than I ever did as a visitor.

We had a few quiet hours during the hillclimb on Saturday so we went for coffee and waffles.
Photo by Emma Lindbladh

I got some compliments on a few things I wore and carried around during the weekend, including my snood, hairflowers and water bottle. I believe in supporting small companies who produce good things so here are the details on the items and where I got them.

I have two snoods from Arthelia's Attic and they are the best I've tried. She also does custom orders which is great if you want a special color or a smaller size snood.

Most of my hairflowers are by Little Rascal who is on vacation in her native Sweden right now and dropped by A-bombers on Saturday. Good quality stuff!

My water bottle in a retro-inspired print is by Pretty & Preppy. I also have it in olive. It's easy to clean and very sturdy. Much more fun than using an old plastic bottle and it keeps beverages cool. Pretty & Preppy also make travel mugs.

Photos and stories from A-bombers and the road will follow in another post but now I really need to sleep...


Monrou said...

Åh, fan va nice, mycket snygga bilar antar jag!

Följ min blogg, så följer jag din!
Bloggar mestadels om smyckestillverkning, cupcake/muffins bakning, mode & min vardag.

punk in writing said...

Hej Monrou,

jag kan inte se någon länk till din blogg? Var finns den?