Monday, December 31

If I had to choose one photo... sum up the year 2012 it would have to be this one. I found my way back to riding - the thing that makes me truly happy.

I'm happiest in the saddle.

Saturday, December 8


Refused played at KB in Malmö this Thursday. I haven't seen KB this crowded since Patti Smith's gig back in September. Some have called Refused's reunion the sellout tour. Whatever. They killed it and the songs sound so fresh it's hard to believe they are 15 years old.

The moshpit went insane when they started the encore with New Noise.

 Liberation Transmission.

New Noise.

All photos are taken with a HTC One x phone and edited with instagram. It's amazing what those tiny little cameras can do.

And since I never got around to write a blog post about Patti Smith's amazing gig back in September - here she is.

Patti Smith at KB.

Saturday, December 1

Light of Day in Malmö

On Thursday night I attended a brilliant gig at St Gertrud in Malmö. The Light of Day tour raises money to fight Parkinson's disease. Artists like Jesse Malin, Willie Nile and Israel Nash Gripka tour together and perform acoustic and intimate shows, often including local musicians.
My main reason for buying tickets was to see Jesse Malin, but also because my late grandfather suffered from Parkinson's disease.

It was a great night and the format felt like such a treat to both audience and musicians. All singers took turns performing and often jumped in on each others songs to provide backing vocals. I loved the part where Jesse stepped into the crowd "to pray" and sat on the floor next to me as he sang.

Willie Nile played a few new songs which made me look forward to his upcoming album. He is returning to Malmö this summer. The beauty of shows like this is that they expose me to musicians I might never have heard otherwise.

Find out more about the Light of Day foundation on their website

Crowded and intimate.

Willie Nile and Israel Nash Gripka getting groovy.

Jesse Malin

Sunday, November 25

The Headlines - Punk Rock Radio

Check out The Headlines new video "Punk Rock Radio", taken from their self-titled album. The Headlines will be doing a hometown gig at Deep in Malmö on December 1st.

Wednesday, November 21

P!nk and that amazing performance

I must have watched P!nk's performance at the American Music Awards at least ten times by now. I just love the acrobatics, the choreography and the art direction. And her dancing partner Colt Prattes is amazing.

I can't imagine the level of fitness it takes to do a routine as demanding as this and sing at the same time.

The performance is based on the music video for Try. I love the visuals in this video - the colours, the use of pigments to highlight the fights and the photography. Director Floria Sigismondi did a great job.
I will never stop telling stories but lately I'm more drawn to images than to words. Maybe it's all the photography I'm doing at work or my instagram addiction that is making me more visual.

Tuesday, November 20

Jesse Malin

You know when you come across an artist you've never listened to, check them out on Spotify and end up listening to nothing else for weeks?
And then your friends make fun of you and say you have to marry the singer because his last name is the same as your first name and the result would be all kinds of awesome. Or is that last part just me?

Anyway, Jesse Malin sings some great songs so check him out. Glitter in the gutter and Love it to life are my favourite records.

Wednesday, October 24

Kitchen Art

Remember that Robert Rodriguez quote I wrote about back in February? It's gotten a permanent place in my kitchen.

I'd seen cross stitch pictures like this one at my buddy Christian's tattoo studio. His wife Anna makes them so I asked her to sew a custom order for me and picked it up yesterday. It's sitting in a vintage frame that was either thrifted or belonged to one of my relatives, I forget which ones come from where.

 Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

Kitchen art.

Sunday, October 14

Look Mom, I can pickle stuff!

Look Mom, I can pickle stuff! Making pickles is the new thing to do amongst the hipsters in Sweden. There have been editorials written about it. Despite all the hipster fuss, it's a good old school cooking technique. My tomato plants have given me a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes this summer but there were a lot of green tomatoes that wouldn't have ripened as the days are getting too dark and cold.

So I harvested all of the green tomatoes and decided to pickle them so they wouldn't go to waste. I've never done anything like this before but it turned out to be pretty straightforward. And tasty.
The recipe I used can be found here (in Swedish).

300 grams of very locally grown cherry tomatoes.

Tomatoes simmering with onions, garlic and mustard seeds.

All done!

Thursday, September 27

Miss Atomic Bomb

You know when you come across a song that isn't your kind of song at all, but suddenly it's stuck in your head and you find yourself playing it over and over? Not because it's annoyingly catchy but because there is something in that song that speaks to you. Miss Atomic Bomb by The Killers is one of those songs.

I got curious about their new album Battle Born and listened to it on Spotify. This is the song I starred. I like a bunch of the others too, like the lead single Runaways. But it's Miss Atomic Bomb I keep wanting to listen to just one more time... even though I don't really like mid-tempo songs.

Sunday, September 16


I took this phone camera photo of baby Wilgot and dad Rob and edited it using Instagram. I've heard it said that the best camera is the one you always have in your pocket. And while phone cameras can't do everything they're pretty darn good these days.

Wilgot is one cute baby.

Tuesday, September 4

The Dollyrots - Hyperactive

Check out Hyperactive, the brand new video from the Dollyrots! The album is out September 18.

Sunday, September 2

Back in the saddle

It's been more than twenty years since I first started taking lessons at the local riding school. Over the years I've been to riding camp, been a groom at the riding school, jumped, ridden bareback, fallen of and gotten back up, ridden across mountains and gone swimming with horses. And in almost every photo I can find from these twenty years as a rider I'm smiling.

There have been long periods of time when I couldn't fit horses into my life, but I always find my way back to the stables. I've ridden English style and Icelandic horses but it's western that really appeals to me. I learned the basics almost a decade ago and this summer I found a trainer and a western riding school that I really like so I have become an active rider once again.
It's a challenge to learn a new style of riding and face my own insecurities but I don't regret a single minute spent in the saddle.

"[Horse and rider] look like one mind and one body. If you got a taste of what I'm talking about you couldn't get enough. You may spend your whole life chasing that. But it's a good thing to chase."
Buck Brannaman


Riding Cody.

Mia and me in the woods today.

Saturday, August 25

The Dollyrots

I helped make this record happen by backing the band on kickstarter and now I have the CD, digital download, sticker and my very own love letter from The Dollyrots.

The album is out September 18th and there are some cool preorder packages on the website. Check it out!

My Dollyrots swag.

Thursday, August 23

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part 2

This is how I spent my summer vacation. Part two includes horses, midnight swimming, rock n roll, sunshine and good food.

Where did that last week go? I guess I spent it sleeping in, reading books, hanging out in the sunshine and going to the stable to ride and hang out with the horses.

 The Headlines at Debaser.

 At the beach.

Late night swim.

Pia and the horses.

 Coffee with Baby Darth.

 Delicious dumplings.

 Salt Mama Bear and DJ Undertaker at Debaser.

 Chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast.

InkFashion Magazine, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Wednesday, August 8

Looking On The Bright Side

When things don't turn out the way I hope or when I just need something that puts a smile on my face I listen to Buck Owens. Straight up, old school country dressed in rhinestone suits by Nudie.

And here's Buck Owen with another favourite country singer of mine, Dwight Yoakam. Buck Owens was a hero and an inspiration to Dwight Yoakam.

Tuesday, August 7

The Headlines

Jake from The Headlines gave me an advance copy of their new album and it's pretty damn sweet. They've changed their sound and this might be the best they've ever sounded. I've been to a lot of their gigs and I've liked them since their basement gig days so that's saying something.

Mandolin and saxophone player CC has left the band and guitarist Peter (When We Fall, Vervain) has joined the line-up. This and the touch of producer Jacob Bredahl has resulted in a rougher and more straightforward punk n roll sound that makes the most of Jake's songwriting. This becomes apparent when listening to the re-recording of Old Town, originally from their 2007 album Plug and play.

My favourite songs on the record are Forever and The Loneliest of Roads. But I feel anything but lonely when I walk around the streets of our town with these songs playing on my phone.

The Headlines. Peter, Jake, Kerry and Peter.

The self titled album is out on September 17th. You can check out two of the songs from the album on Dying Scene.

Check out their previous albums on Spotify.

Monday, August 6

A-bombers Old Style Weekend 2012

Another year, another weekend at Backamo Lägerplats and A-bombers Old Style Weekend. I was there with the HepCat Store crew. We work from 9 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday so it's a pretty intense weekend but it's fun to meet up with friends and fellow traders.

None of us were in the mood for the hillclimb race this year so we checked out Resteröd factory outlet in Ljungskile and went for waffles. I took a few breaks from our booth and managed to check out a few cars, a really wacky hillbilly kustom vehicle and a few minutes of live music this year.

 Setting up the shop in our usual space.

 Visitors and cars at A-bombers.

 Patric from Kustom Kutting gives Rob a haircut. 

 That's a cool bike. 

 Yes boys, that is a nice bike. Can we go and get waffles now?

 Waffle time!


 We packed up our booth at midnight, drove all night and watched the sun come up.

The roadside breakfast of champions.

Saturday, July 28

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part 1

This is how I spent my summer vacation. Part one includes swimming, cooking, Copenhagen, ice cream, sunshine, punk rock at West Coast Riot and a performance of Decamerone in the park.

The sun and the summer showed up just in time for my vacation which made it a little easier to leave the office and turn off my work phone. A few days ago I got the feeling that I was wasting my vacation doing nothing but looking at all these photos make me feel like I kinda got a lot done in a week after all?

Sunflower I planted in Mom's garden.

Went swimming.

 Cooked a veggie BBQ.

 Went shopping in Copenhagen and got ice cream. 

Eating ice cream by the lakes in Copenhagen. 

 Sisters chillin' by the lakes. I have new sunglasses from Tres Noir.

Yes, I know you had to get a new umbrella because this one has ruffles.
You can never have too many ruffles. Just look at the Parasol Protectorate.

 Went to Gothenburg and West Coast Riot. First band I saw was Street Dogs. Badass.

 West Coast Riot was in a new location under Älvsborgsbron.

 Hell yeah, we're at West Coast Riot!

Checked out Against Me! Laura Jane Grace was fierce!

 Why are Kerry, Punky and Jake so happy? Because we're watching Rancid!

 Rancid live in Gothenburg!

Yup. Sailor and Tequila are cats and live with Hanna who let me stay at her place in Gothenburg.

 Read Buffy season 9 on the train home.

Got a 20Belows tee and revamped it.

 Urban Dalmatian Daisy.

 Checked out Decamerone in the park with Malin, Malin and Daisy. 

We had a fancy picknick too.