Friday, January 6


Today is a holiday in Sweden, celebrating the fact that the three wise men have reached Bethlehem and delivered their gifts to baby Jesus.

It's also the end of Christmas and soon it's time to take down the tree and all Christmas ornaments. Julgransplundring (plundering the Christmas tree) is a Swedish tradition - a party where you eat lots of candy and give the tree a good sending-off.

My tree may be on the small side but there was lots of stuff to eat so all the guests were happy. The savory stuff in the kitchen (homemade pizza, tzay pieces, cheese and crackers) and all the cakes and sweets next to the tree.

 Sweet stuff!
The candy tree in the background originally belonged to my great-grandmother.

 Annika, Philip, Rob, Alex and Amanda.

This photo is a little blurry but you can see the baby Christmas tree in the background.

Made a sidetable for plates and cups using a cardboard box and a vintage kitchen towel.

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