Wednesday, March 7

Eco-Pirate at Doc Lounge

Went to Doc Lounge in Lund yesterday to check out the documentary "Eco-Pirate - the story of Paul Watson". If you've never heard of the guy you might be more familiar with the organization he founded - Sea Shepherd - or the TV-series Whale Wars.

Paul Watson was a founding member of Greenpeace but left or got kicked out (depending on who you talk to) because he was too radical. I don't agree with all of his methods but I do admire his determination and dedication to environmentalism.

If you liked The Cove you should check out this movie too. Sea Shepherd are currently in Taijii, trying to disrupt and put an end to the slaughter of dolphins. I enjoyed this documentary - check it out if you get the chance!

 Movie Poster.

 Maja from Doc Lounge and Lukas from Sea Shepard Denmark introduced the movie.

Director Trish Dolman chatted to the audience via Skype from her home in Canada. It's really amazing how technology has made it so easy to connect people in different parts of the world. For me, talking to the people who were involved in creative projects always adds extra dimensions to the material.

After the screening director Trish Dolman chatted to the audience via Skype.

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