Saturday, May 19

Late Night Domestics

I don't know what you get up to when you come home from a night on the town. Me, I go all domestic. We're talking laundry that gets folded, dishes that get washed and clutter that gets organized. Sometimes there are plates of meze.

This week I reorganized my hallway table when I got home at 2.30 am on Thursday morning. My hallway is that cluttered little place where keys, hairbrushes, lipsticks, spare change, trinkets, shoes and wallets live. By the way, don't be fooled by these photos - there is another shoe rack on the other side of the door. A woman needs more than three pairs of shoes to choose from.

Anyway. I didn't get a "before" photo as it was 2.30 am and I was tired and had rum and ginger ale in my system. But the table was messy and cluttered.

I bought this vintage Starline train case last summer but didn't really use it for anything. Then I realized that the train case has compartments, looks stylish... I'm gonna use it to organize my hallway!


Keys, phone, trinkets and lipsticks.

So that's what I did. And then I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

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Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

hahaha...funny that late nights make you domestic! Love the train case's so much better then just sitting in the closet!