Saturday, May 12


Yup, I visited Ølfestivalen (the Beer Festival) in Copenhagen today. Drank Belgian fruit beer, hot beer with whipped cream, English cider, Danish birch beer and a few other varieties.

Ølfestivalen is held at the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. 200 Danish kronor will get you admission to the venue, a sampling glass (which you get to keep) and 10 tokens. Each token can be swapped for 10 cl of beer at the various stalls. We also got the silly little holder that you hang around your neck put your glass in to keep your hands free. It's the thing to do - even the hipster crowd was wearing them.

I'm a fan of Belgian fruit beer and tried a few different ones. Wheat beer with blueberries anyone?
There was a lot of different beer on offer - truly something for every taste. My favourite was SommerHvede by Danish brewery Skovlyst.

The food was surprisingly good and we had a veggie tarte with salad for lunch. Then we had some delicious smoked brie with apricot jam and walnuts. Very tasty and it went very well with beer.
We rounded off the festival with hot beer served with whipped cream - it tastes a lot better than it sounds!
Sampling away!

First beer of the day. Verdict: Meh.

Sister and her tiny beer glass in the silly holder.

Drinking more fruity beer.

Lunch. Surprisingly good vegetarian food.

And the winner is... SommerHvede by Skovlyst!

Ever had hot beer with whipped cream? I have.

Smallest glass ever. Kinda looks like a tiny pint of Guinness.

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