Tuesday, June 5

The Five Minute T-Shirt Revamp

It was just a regular t-shirt when it arrived yesterday. It fit and all that but it lacked oomph. I decided to change that.

This morning I got out my fabric scissors and five minutes (or three Teenage Bottlerocket songs) later it looked a little different. I simply cut off the neck band and cut off the ends of the sleeves just above the hem stitching. That left me with two strips of fabric that were 2 cm wide. I used those to tie the shirt at the shoulders and create a boatneck. Done!


There are a lot of revamps that are really easy and don't require any sewing. You can practice on an old t-shirt so you get the hang of it - and that shirt can also be used as a template later on.
A good pair of fabric scissors is a great investment - they really make a difference!

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