Tuesday, July 10

Golden Memories of Summer

Summer used to be a lot sunnier than this. It seems we're getting a lot of rain, harsh winds and not enough sunny days. There's also not enough Gyllene Tider on the radio.

Gyllene Tider was a Swedish pop group famous for catchy songs about teenage love, life in a small town and summer nights. Remember Per Gessle of Roxette? Gyllene Tider (1976-1985) was his first band. If you grew up in Sweden during the 80s and 90s you know most of their songs by heart. They did a one-off reunion gig in their hometown Halmstad in 1995 and I was there.

Mom dropped me and my friend Tove off at the gig and we promptly snuck into the bathroom in the nearest McDonalds and changed our clothes to something more rock n roll. And then we ran into Mom an hour later...  lucky for us she just found it funny.
It was a great night and a great gig. Gyllene Tider did a reunion tour the following year and another big tour in 2004. But it's the classic pop songs from their heyday that I love. Gyllene Tider is the sound of summertime love, teenage dreams and life in a small town.

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