Friday, July 6


My maternal grandfather Elo passed away a few weeks ago. He was 90 going on 91 and a stellar guy.

 Dairy engineer at work.

Elo was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1921. He studied to become dairy engineer in an occupied Denmark during WW2 and was a member of the underground resistance. He was stopped at checkpoints in the city with his bag full of underground newspaper Frit Danmark on at least two occasions but was never searched. Possession of the illegal newspaper meant that you were shot right then and there.
Elo's father, the chief of police for Fredriksberg, Copenhagen, was taken as a prisoner of war in 1944* and lost his life in a camp near Dresden.

After the war Elo got a job in Malmö, Sweden where he met my grandmother. They married in 1948 and had two daughters. He travelled the world a few times, won a silver medal for his cumin cheese, was elected president of two Rotary clubs, was involved in local politics and wrote several textbooks.
He was a prankster, musician, athletic and he loved cheese. The desk in his study was full of cows in various forms so that "he'd remember who his actual employer was".

The funeral was held in the same church where he and my grandmother married. The last hymn sung was the one he requested; Altid frejdig, a Danish hymn that was sung by the resistance during WW2.

Rest in peace Morfar.
Mennesker kommer og går, men du vil altid være midt i mit liv.

* Police officers were considered a potential threat since they could handle weapons. German authorities rounded them up and sent them to POW camps in Germany to prevent them from joining up with the resistance.

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