Monday, August 6

A-bombers Old Style Weekend 2012

Another year, another weekend at Backamo Lägerplats and A-bombers Old Style Weekend. I was there with the HepCat Store crew. We work from 9 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday so it's a pretty intense weekend but it's fun to meet up with friends and fellow traders.

None of us were in the mood for the hillclimb race this year so we checked out Resteröd factory outlet in Ljungskile and went for waffles. I took a few breaks from our booth and managed to check out a few cars, a really wacky hillbilly kustom vehicle and a few minutes of live music this year.

 Setting up the shop in our usual space.

 Visitors and cars at A-bombers.

 Patric from Kustom Kutting gives Rob a haircut. 

 That's a cool bike. 

 Yes boys, that is a nice bike. Can we go and get waffles now?

 Waffle time!


 We packed up our booth at midnight, drove all night and watched the sun come up.

The roadside breakfast of champions.

1 comment:

Little Rascal said...

Uhhhh! Onskar sa vi hade varit kvar for A-Bombers! :((
Mark hade tre spelningar bokade, en blev installd och de andra tva var tydligen inte sa roliga (tekniska problem) sa han var ratt sa angerfull att vi akte hem.
Hans basta van (Captain Drugbuster) var tydligen dar oxa (hans fru bor i Sverige men flyttar tillbaka nu i aug.)

Tusen tack for rundvandringen pa brandstationen, det var coolt!
Om vi aker nasta ar igen sa kommer jag se till att vi bor pa ert hostel.

Fick nyheten igar att Milkcow lagt ned helt. :(