Tuesday, August 7

The Headlines

Jake from The Headlines gave me an advance copy of their new album and it's pretty damn sweet. They've changed their sound and this might be the best they've ever sounded. I've been to a lot of their gigs and I've liked them since their basement gig days so that's saying something.

Mandolin and saxophone player CC has left the band and guitarist Peter (When We Fall, Vervain) has joined the line-up. This and the touch of producer Jacob Bredahl has resulted in a rougher and more straightforward punk n roll sound that makes the most of Jake's songwriting. This becomes apparent when listening to the re-recording of Old Town, originally from their 2007 album Plug and play.

My favourite songs on the record are Forever and The Loneliest of Roads. But I feel anything but lonely when I walk around the streets of our town with these songs playing on my phone.

The Headlines. Peter, Jake, Kerry and Peter.

The self titled album is out on September 17th. You can check out two of the songs from the album on Dying Scene.

Check out their previous albums on Spotify.

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