Monday, December 31

The compact digital camera that has accompanied me to so many shows over the years has been replaced. This year I got a Nikon D40x camera for christmas.

It feels a bit cruel to replace my trusty old Olympus that got me pictures like the one above, of Kerry Bomb of The Headlines.

I dropped the Olympus on the floor once, during a Dropkick Murphys gig. Right in front of the stage where a few dozen punks and skins were busy singing along and dancing the pogo.
Luckily both me and the camera escaped that little debacle unharmed. Or rather, the Olympus was unharmed and I got a bruise or two during the rescue mission.

I know a camera is only a thing, but I get attached to the tools of my trade. Well, maybe not all of them. I'm pretty indifferent to pencils, even though they are essential to writing. Maybe that's why I keep losing them.

Thursday, December 27

While everyone else was fighting over rags and flatscreen-tvs at the holiday sales I spent the morning with an icelandic horse called Feill.
We braved the bone chilling winter winds of south Scania for two hours, along with six other riders.

It's the best thing I did all Christmas.

Sunday, December 23

Merry Christmas! Here's Chrissie Hynde and her Pretenders with the song "2 000 miles". This song feels so right at this time of year.
I need a slow song to calm down after some last minute shopping I had to do today.
Next year I am buying all my christmas gifts online. In november.

I just spoke to an old friend for the first time in years. Only on the phone, but I hope we get a chance to meet up sometime soon.

It was strange how fast we slipped back into how we used to be when we were kids.
But I can't believe that the guy who worshipped Metallica and played guitar is now a lawyer in the big city. Poor thing.

Saturday, December 22

Old stuff, but a great song. This is Strip Musics first single, "Desperation" from 2004.

Singer Henric de la Cour revealed a few months ago that he suffers from cystic fibrosis. Kinda puts all his sturm und drang-lyrics into perspective.
Jeeeez! I just slept for 14 hours. Guess I was tired after all.

Christmas is almost here, but do I crave christmas type food? Nope, I'm in the mood for nachos and guacamole. Go figure.
Well, swedish christmas food is mainly meat and I've been a vegetarian since I was 16.

Being a vegetarian has gotten easier in the last few years (thank you mad cow disease) but it is an uphill struggle at times. The lovely ladies who run the cafeteria at work are very nice, but don't know much about veggie options. Good thing I like cabbage.

Friday, December 21

This is such a great song. I would never have found it if Jade and Davey of Blaqk Audio hadn't mentioned VNV Nation in an interview. Discoveries like this is one of the reasons why I love music and read up on musicians and their influences.

To me it's like a treasure hunt, and it's made me quite a few friends over the years. Sometimes I get nostalgic for the old days (ie the early 1990's) when I traded cassette tapes with people in other countries. I sent out quite a few bags of swedish candy and some homemade jewelry. In return I got tapes of Bauhaus and Swoon 23.
Torrents and downloads don't come with handwritten cards from other continents.

Thursday, December 20

Being sick is getting old really fast. I hate being sick.

I loathe the germs/viruses/whatever for crawling around in my body and just wish my immune system would go all Buffy the Vampire Slayer and kill all the nasty demons/viruses.

Buffy kicks ass. Being sick doesn't.

Wednesday, December 19

It came out of nowhere. I started to feel weird just before lunchtime yesterday.
Like my batteries were all drained (well, I don't actually have batteries but you know what I mean) and everything started taking forever to do.

So now I'm sick and working from home. I ain't got time to be sick. Would all germs, viruses, whatever you are please leave the premises? You don't have to go home but you have to get the fuck outta here.

Tuesday, December 18

Last night I did something that was either really stupid or a great move. Possibly both. I talked my way into helping out at a local record company.

It'll mean a lot of work and no money, but it's a start.
I've always wanted to work in the music business, and now I have a chance to try it. There's no money, no glamour, but I'd be working with some great people at a small company.

Some great, hardworking work-is-my-life-and-my-lover kind of people. Hey, nobody's perfect. Least of all me.

Friday, December 14

Let's see if this works

endlessly, she said

This blog is turning out to be much like my endless cups of ignored tea. I put the kettle on, make a fresh cup and then I leave it on the sink or on my desk until it is nice and lukewarm.

Tuesday, December 4

Under Construction

This blog is currently under construction. I will start updating as soon as I am done eating waffles and surfing the web for a living.