Sunday, March 30

Andy and I took the Ford for a test drive today. As you can see it's quite a bumpy ride and not very fast, but hey the car is from 1928.

The video was shot with and edited on my cell phone, a Sony Ericsson K810i.

Friday, March 28

I've had a different song playing in my head every morning this week. Maybe my brain is compensating for my recent lack of music?
My mp3-player died a few weeks ago. I want to get a new one but I can't decide which one to get. Creative or Ipod, media player with a big screen or simple music player, 8 gb or 32? Decisions, decisions.

The song playing in my head today is Ballad of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithfull. Yesterday it was Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and the day before that it was Los Angeles Is Burning by Bad Religion. As my doodle from the staff meeting this Wednesday proves...

(I was trying to illustrate the line "Palm trees are candles in the murder wind".)

Los Angeles Is Buring contains one of my favourite lines from a song;

More a question than a curse
How could hell be any worse?

The flames are stunning
The cameras running
So take warning

Wednesday, March 26

If this doesn't make you smile, nothing will. It's a scene from kids TV show Yo Gabba Gabba! One of the shows creators is Christian Jacobs aka the MC Bat Commander of the Aquabats.

Rock n roll-kids do it better.

Tuesday, March 25

Despite having to get up and start working at 6 am, I feel so good that I just had to start my day with the Descendents.

Maybe it's the sunlight that I haven't seen for the past months or maybe my body has yet to discover that I'm gonna give up sugar and all kinds of sweets on days that aren't Saturdays.

Saturday, March 22

Gaaah! I'm so frustrated!
I've just translated Papa Bear's article for the upcoming Artparts Magazine. Because the Swedish is rambling and sometimes incoherent, I can't make it into decent English. And as a translator it's my job to be true to the original... but that means that the finished product just looks like it needs editing. And the Swedish original needs editing, badly.

And it ain't just me... I read parts of it to a librarian and another journalist and they both agree that the text could use some editing.

See, this interviewing and writing isn't as easy as it looks. And this just proves my point that people who work with images usually aren't good with words.

Man, I need a lot of Bad Religion right now to get this out of my system.

Thursday, March 20

I got a big box of sugary goodness from the US of A yesterday. I did a candy swap with Billie from Flushing, NY. We agreed to spend 20 us dollars each, she bought American candy for me and I bought her some Swedish candy such as Dumle, Ahlgrens bilar and Djungelvrål.
Just look at all this. Watermelon candy, Reeses and Poptarts. I'm gonna be on a sugar high for days...

A forum like Punk Rock Domestics has so many uses. ;)

Another kind of sugary goodness is New Found Glory's brand new greatest hits compilation, appropriately named Hits.
Why, oh why do they only ever play gigs in the UK? Are they scared of Scandinavia?
NFGs show with Paramore in Copenhagen got cancelled and has yet to be rescheduled. I don't really care about Paramore, I just want to hear "My Friends Over You" and "Constant Static" live.

Sunday, March 16

I'm working nights this weekend. At times there's a lot of things to keep up with but at the moment there's not much going on. The work tempo here in the newsroom alternates between insanely busy and hardly anything do to on an irregular basis.

So I've been reading online punk comic Nothing Nice To Say by Mitch Clem while I'm listening to police radio. Awesome. That is, NN2S and the concept of online comics are awesome. Police radio is pretty dull and beepy.

Another great online comic is Backstage the comic. It wasn't being updated for a while, but cartoonist Andreas Knutsson seems to be back in the saddle now.
And you can't go wrong with a classic like Foxtrot.

Are there any other webcomics out there that I should know about?

Saturday, March 15

Arrgh! Me name be Slashin' Jean Dawkins, at least according to the pirate name generator. Possibly the greatest thing to help brighten up a Saturday night spent at work. Har-de-harr-harr.
Now where's me bottle of rum?

Insubordination Fest in Maryland, USA have booked Danish kings of pop punk The 20belows. I talked to singer Ulrich on msn yesterday and he's stoked. He's got a hella good reason to make his first trip to the US.

The 20belows have also got a few dates booked in Denmark, check out the band's myspace for more details. And while you're there make sure to listen to "Message". I love that song and have been humming the guitar part for days.

Friday, March 14

Tiger Army will play at KB in Malmö in 28 days! Less than a month! Wheee!

Yep, I've had a ticker that counts down to the gig on my profile at Punk Rock Domestics for months and I just noticed that it's now less than a month until the show.
However, I've heard that Tiger Army can be either brilliant or suckalicious live, depending on what mood singer Nick 13 is in, so maybe I should't get too excited. But they've got some really great songs on the new album so I'm gonna hope for the best.

On a different note; why are all American musicians so damn short? Are they smurfs in disguise or just poorly fed during their childhood?
Many a crush of mine has come to a grinding halt when I've seen the object of my desire in real life and realised that he is tiny. Nick 13 looks kinda short in pictures, so I'm guessing he's a midget by my standards.

Unfortunately my friends who introduced my to Tiger Army no longer seem interested in the band. But maybe they'll dust off their Tiger Army albums and decide to show up anyway.
Many of them were really into rockabilly and psychobilly a while back, but now they seem to be all about 80's hardcore. I don't know what happened there.

Also, my friends The Headlines are playing at Bodoni in Malmö tonight.
Drop by if you're in the neighbourhood. You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, March 12

I've just come from a preview screening of the Irish movie "Once". It's fuckin' fantastic, as they say in Ireland.
It's an independent film shot in three weeks with almost no budget that went and won the Oscar for best original song at the Academy Awards earlier this year. Actors Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová wrote and performed all the original songs in the movie.

Hearing the Irish accents made me think of my time in Belfast and all my Irish, American and Canadian friends. Isn't it strange how we lose thouch with people we want to keep in our lives?

Rikke is in Denmark, and we still keep in touch. I know that Niall is a teacher in Manchester and I think that Peter Sumadh still lives in Belfast. I don't know if he is still with Julie, though.

I don't know if things worked out for Mary and Rowan when he followed her to Canada, and I would love to find out what Cormac, Sean, Jen and Kyle are up to these days. I have very fond memories of 16 Surrey Street and Queen's Elms Halls of Residence.

Tuesday, March 11

Fabulous things:
  • Dark Chili from Barista. The Mayas were right, hot chocolate tastes better with a hint of chili. I'm never going back to the sorry, watery stuff the cafeteria at work tries to pass off as hot chocolate. Unless I really, really crave hot chocolate.
  • Good vegetarian food at restaurants. This doesn't happen as often as it should.
Things that suck:
  • Yesterday I was 0.3 seconds late for the bus and the bus driver looks me in the eye, shrugs and then waits two minutes before driving off. Bastard. The city bus is the last part of my trip to work, and I have to run from the train to catch the city bus to the paper.
  • Astrid och aporna are out of Stonewalls Jerquee and don't know when they will be back in stock. What am I gonna chew on in the meantime?
  • Last week's Radio One's Punk Show with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio as a guest host is gone from the website and I didn't get a chance to listen to it. Damn, damn, damn me and my procrastination!

Thursday, March 6

It's arrived! I got my new, lovely necklace from Rusty of pnut jewlery in the mail and I'm so happy with it.

The heart is solid silver, so it's pretty heavy. Trouble is, now I want to buy even more items from pnut... Guess I'll have to do some extra freelance work to feed my newfound jewlery habit.

Here's a close up of the heart. Made by hand. Rusty makes several different hearts, but "hope" was the one that appealed to me.

Maybe because I'm a romantic and don't like to give up on people... and maybe to remind myself never to give up hope.
I think that's one of the reasons "The Shawshank Redemption" from 1994 is one of my favourite movies of all time.
The movie's tagline is "fear can hold you prisoner - hope can set you free".

I was going to make a fabulous point here about life and hope and why we are all here, but I realised that someone else has already said it;

O ME! O life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill'd with the
Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I,
and who more faithless?)
Of eyes that vainly crave the light, of the objects mean, of the
struggle ever renew'd,
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see
around me,
Of the empty and useless years of the rest, with the rest me
The question, O me! so sad, recurring-What good amid these, O me,
O life?

That you are here-that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

Walt Whitman

And as teacher John Keating said to his students in "Dead Poets Society"; The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be, gentlemen?

Wednesday, March 5

We're having some strange weather today. This morning it was snowing. The first picture was taken at nine in the morning.

An hour and a half later I stepped back on the balcony with the camera. Most of the snow was gone by then.

And by one in the afternoon there was virtually no snow left...

I've been a really lazy blogger this week. I spent Sunday covering an equestrian event for Ridsport, and almost froze to death. Riding houses are anything but warm this time of year and I had to spend seven hours there because the event dragged on forever.

I took a lot of pictures of show jumping ponies and almost got my ear talked of by the father of one of the riders. We call parents like these "pony parents" (ponnyföräldrar) and they promote their kids to the max. In the process they annoy editors, writers and photographers at equestrian magazines by wailing like a banshee if their kid doesn't look like a star.
The young riders are for the most part very sweet and easy to talk to, if they can get a word in.