Sunday, April 27

Yesterday me and my sister went shopping for strange food items in the stores around Möllan in Malmö.

My sister bought vegetarian chicken (not pictured) and lychee jello. I went with prawn and squid crackers, rabbit marshmallows and bean cakes. Pocky cookies are always a safe bet.

This was a great way to recover from my last minute trip to Copenhagen on Friday. Rob talked me into helping out at the J.Tex release party at Stengade 30. I think i did quite well, even though I was tired. I took some pictures and sold a bunch of records. Oh, and I didn't drop the money I made on the floor, like some people...

Thursday, April 24

Ah, sunshine on the balcony, a cup of tea and a book. What a way to chill after a hard day of work and fighting for a seat on the train.

The sun does funny things to my taste in music. During the past few days the likes of AFI, VNV Nation and Placebo have been replaced by Groovie Ghoulies, 20belows and A New Found Glory.

I have dug out my old sunglasses, my flip flops and worn my leather jacket for the first time this year. I'm even rocking a miniskirt today.

The song that really makes me smile right now is "Spanish Fever" by Chixdiggit. Singer/guitarist KJ Jansen is probably the most charismatic front man in pop punk. I hope they'll come back to Sweden next time they go on tour.
No go listen to them on youtube or myspace! And if you like what you hear, buy a cd.

Wednesday, April 23

Another working day, another inspirational meeting.
The song that has been playing in my head since I got out of bed this morning is "Highwayman" by Groovie Ghoulies.

We've gotten some new pets as well. Either that or the boss has found a sneaky new way of making sure we work hard enough.

Tuesday, April 22

Interpunk rules. The stuff I ordered on Wednesday showed up yesterday. That's faster than many other stores who are based in Sweden. Interpunk has got ace customer service too.

Sunday, April 20

This proves that Glen Danzig isn't all about doom and gloom. Colombian goth pop, anyone?

Friday, April 18

Almost a week since my last post? I must apologize.

Today has been interesting. Prince Carl Philip is in our neck of the woods to race his Porsche in Carrera Cup. One of my coworkers starts to foam at the mouth at as soon as someone says "Royal" so naturally I've been teasing him all day. And guess who got out and cover the story just because he writes sport?

My coworker doesn't know it yet, but I changed the starting page in his browser from his favourite football site to the Swedish Royalist Society while he was away.
And there is a rather dashing photo of the prince in uniform inside his bag. I just wish he would open it soon, because the suspense is killing me.

So what have I been up to this week, besides playing pranks on my non-royalist coworker?
Let's see. I've been listening to episodes of Issue Oriented and Stephen Fry's podgram on my new mp3-player. I hung out at Hep Town Records on my day off and saw The Tempest at Hipp in Malmö.

Monday, April 14

Tiger Army were great. But they have a fuckin' stupid no system camera policy that no one told me about, so I didn't get to take any pictures. If I'd known I would have brought my compact camera.
Pyschobilly prima fuckin' donnas. I just wanted some pictures as a memory from the show.
And KB should have put that information on their website. Then again, they've always been cranky.

So all I got is is a picture I took with my friend Fredrik's cell phone.

Nick 13 may be short and a prima donna, but he sure can sing. This is "Where The Moss Slowly Grows", the first song of the encore.

Thursday, April 10

Things are looking good for the 20belows. They are playing a gig at Lades in Copenhagen with Time Again on May 30th. Get your ass to that show if you're in the area!

The 20belows have also booked a US tour with Johnie3, leading up to their gig at Insubordination Fest. All tour dates can be found on the bands Myspace.
The hardest working Danes in pop punk have also recorded covers of two Groovie Ghoulies' songs for two upcoming tribute albums and have a split 7" with The Apers in the works.

Guitarist Kasper Keen has launched a new project called Panther Bookings. The one man booking agency will focus on Danish shows and Euro tours. Details can be found here.
Keep up the good work boys!

When did sport become the most important thing on the planet? We're short on people today because it seems everyone is working late to cover three sport events tonight. But since I'm not financially independent I'll just bite the bullet and keep working like crazy.

Wednesday, April 9

Tiger Army will be here on Friday. Just two days away, yayy!
KB is a good size venue so I'm hoping for a good show, like when I saw Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and The Briggs there in 2004.
I don't want to be disappointed like I was at the Good Charlotte show last year.

Tuesday, April 8

Life at the newsdesk has made me so blasé. And this keyboard with a broken spacebar doesn't help. I have to hit it like crazy or all my sentences end up lookinglikethis.

Our top story today is a 10 year old girl who has been missing since Saturday. She disappeared 500 meters from her home. Her mother found the girl's bike in the woods. Nobody knows what has happened to her.
Police have brought a man in for questioning, but they don't seem to have much hard evidence.

The sad thing is the girl is probably dead by now. The odd thing is that her father, who lives in Spain, seems to have gone missing too.
I sit right next to the papers crime writers and every now and then they drop by and tell me new details, mainly stuff that we can't publish.

A dark sense of humor definitely helps you cope on days like this. I'm just glad I'm not as far gone as Dennis Leary. The newspaper business is so wacky that it's more like stocking the shelves at Black Books.

So it feels reassuring to know that God will be one of the main characters in a new comedy series produced by SVT.

Friday, April 4

Talk about underwhelming. NKOTB are back. The band claims that the news of their reunion was leaked. My guess is that the information was leaked by the band itself. This has "word of mouth-marketing" written all over it.

Are you ready for the return of the only boyband in history that had their own cartoon?

Thursday, April 3

The weirdness continues. But instead of whining about it I thought I'd pay tribute to some awesome Canadian things.

Let's start with one of the best live acts ever, Barenaked Ladies. My friend Sara introduced me to these guys via a mixtape in secondary school. A few moths later BNL played a gig at KB in Malmö and Sara convinced me to go. I had an amazing time. They were just so much fun on stage. The banter between songs was hilarious and singer Steven Page did a fabulous Celine Dion impression. And I met them outside after the show and Steven signed my train timetable.

Around that same time Alanis Morissette gave my teenage angst a voice as I outgrew Bryan Adams and his Summer of '69.
It's been a while since I listened to Alanis, but Bif Naked makes frequent visits to my stereo.

And what would my teenage years have been without Beverly Hills 90210 and Brandon Walsh, played by Canadian actor Jason Priestly. I also spent several hours gushing over Keanu Reeves in Parenthood, Point Break, and Johnny Mnemonic.
Hang on, I almost forgot Mike Myers! Wayne's World, Austin Powers and Shrek. Need I say more?

When I lived in Belfast I got to know a whole bunch of Canadians. (Hello Mary, Julie, Peter and Sean!) They end their sentences with "eh", put Maple Syrup on everything and drink pop instead of soda.
I miss you guys.

Wednesday, April 2

The last 12 hours have been weird. On my way home from the night shift I got stuck behind a long line of circus trucks on their way into town. How often does that happen?

Most circuses spread their trucks further apart on the road so that other drivers can get past them. Apparently circus Brazil Jack has never heard of this concept. When I first noticed the sign something inside me went "ohh".
But the classic circus feels like such a dated concept. It can't be great for the animals and driving all those trucks around is hardly good for the environment.

On the other hand I love to watch equestrian events and talanted trainers work with dogs, but I guess it's not quite the same thing. Those animals aren't trained simply for entertainment purposes.

Anyhow, this morning I my neighbours decided that 8 am was a good time to start drilling holes in their bedroom walls. Always a nice way to wake up after five hours of sleep. When they finally started to quiet down I was almost asleep... And then the doorbell rang.

Since it was a delivery guy with a package for me I decided that the powers that be really wanted me to get out of bed.
So I made breakfast and watched Angel. Turns out today's episode was the fabulous "Smile Time" where Angel gets turned into a puppet. Hilarious!