Thursday, May 29

Buffy pops up again

I just had to share this one. For some reason, this TV series never gets old.

I scream for ice cream

It's amazing how many of life's troubles that just disappear when you are busy eating whiskey flavored ice cream in the sunshine.

Kix kept laughing at me because, according to her, I look like a very determined cat when I'm eating ice cream.

Wednesday, May 28

8-bit cookies!

Sugary goodness in the shape of Super Mario Mushrooms or Tetris Poptarts? Why, yes I would love some!

Anyone who's ever seen me eat knows that I love food and pretty food blogs like VegBitch, PPK and Vegankrubb.
Snack or Die beats them all, with recipes inspired by Half-Life, GTA and Pacman.

Good thing I still have my trusty old 8-bit Nintendo. Now, who's up for old school video games and matching cookies?

Sunday, May 25

Comedy saved my sanity

When the real world drives my crazy with deadlines, demands and boredom I use humor to keep my sanity. I let off steam by laughing, or by making people around me laugh.

At home I watch dvds of Eddie Izzard, Black Books or MST3K and at work I rely on Youtube.
This is a clip from classic Swedish tv-show "Macken" that aired between 1985 and 1986.

I love how satire and comedy allows the comedian to speak his or her mind. But I really admire comedians who are not afraid to be vulnerable, ugly and wear their heart on their sleeve.

Being witty is a whole lot harder than it looks. Whenever I crack a joke there is always that nervous moment before I know if people will laugh at what I am saying or not. And let's not even mention the minutes that drag on into hours of uncertainty when I've asked someone to read something I've written that I hope is funny.
Unlike facts and figures, humor is a very personal thing.

Eddie Izzard made a good point when he said that comedy is about observation and speed of mind. I would add that it is also one of the most difficult genres to write in.

Friday, May 23

Motivate me!

I'm working this weekend, so I'm not really excited by the fact that today is Friday. I'm feeling more Motivation Proclamation and less Hey Baby.

Most of my friends from school are working on their career goals and thinking about starting families, and here I am, dreaming about learning to play guitar and go on tour. And I think boys with ink and eyeliner are cute, so there must be something wrong with me. Or so I have been told.

Thursday, May 22

When I grow up...

I wanna be as tough as Storm Large. This is my favourite clip from Rockstar Supernova.

I watched this right before today's meeting with my boss. You know, as a morale booster before telling him why I am awesome and should get a bigger paycheck.

Fire up the grill, it's Thursday!

"Did you see how fast he drove off?" Jimmy and Rob, looking about 5 years old.

It's Thursday and that means that the HepTown/HepCat guys down at Saint 21 will fire up the grill tonight.

The shop is open and chances are there will be some good lookin' old cars around. Come on down, and bring something to throw on the grill. I'm cooking tofu hot dogs.

These photos are from last weeks sneak premiere.

Andy and Rob talking shop.

Tuesday, May 20

Photos of C.A.P.S. and Ghostball

Photos from C.A.P.S. release party in Copenhagen this Friday are now up on my myspace.
Check out C.A.P.S. and opening act Ghostball in action!

Monday, May 19

New Found Glory premiere new video

New Found Glory have released their new video via AOL, as a treat to all those who can't make it to their record release party in Hollywood tonight. Gotta love the digital age.

First they got all soft and romantic with From the Screen to Your Stereo: Part II, and this time around NFG goes hardcore with Tip Of The Iceberg EP. What's not to love?

Battle of the Books

I've just finished two memoirs about music and writing; "New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye" by Ronen Kauffman and "But Enough About Me" by Jancee Dunn.

The first is a memoir about coming of age in the New Jersey punk and hardcore scene in the early 1990s. Ronen Kauffman, also the man behind the podcast Issue Oriented, does a great job of showing how DIY culture and basement shows made him who he is today.

Ronen Kauffman's first book is a great story about discovering who you wanna be and how you reconcile your ideals with the real world that most of us have to face after college.
It's funny, insightful and not just for hardcore kids. I've already told my sister, the librarian, to get a few copies for the school where she works. You should get a copy too.

Jancee Dunn's "But Enough About Me" is part memoir about her journey from a New Jersey suburb to New York and a career as a writer for Rolling Stone and, part advice on how to behave in the presence of some of the most famous people in the world.

It's an enjoyable book and Jancee Dunn knows how to keep it funny and interesting. While she is clearly a more experienced writer than Ronen Kauffman, she sometimes lacks that heart on her sleeve that makes "New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye" such a compelling read.

"But Enough About Me" has gossip about Dolly Parton and Barry White and is very well-written, but my winner is "New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye", simply because it has more heart. And without heart, you got nothing.

Sunday, May 18

Would you buy music from these people?

Me and Jimmy sold quite a few records at C.A.P.S. release party. Maybe it was our hats? I sold some vinyl and some shirts too.
But Rob put us all to shame when he grabbed a stack of cd's and headed outside to work the crowds. Way to go Rob!

Mats was hard at work at the bar, talking to members of Cherry Overdrive and doing general record label stuff.

I brought the Nikon and tried out a few new settings. Still, the stage was way too dark for my little camera lens so I had to get creative.
Pictures will be posted once I have had time to upload them and give them some photoshop TLC.

As for the music, I preferred Ghostball to C.A.P.S., as predicted. Ghostball's sound is just more my thing. It'll be interesting to see how they sound after a few more gigs.

But where had they dug up that DJ? Fuckin' awful. I spotted the guy whom I handed a label sampler when he was DJing at Stengade 30 at J.Tex release party and I kept hoping that he would jump behind the decks and sort out the music. Unfortunately he was happy drinking with his friends. Oh well.

Jimmy also learned why it's a bad idea to open boxes of brand new promo cd's. (The box collapses and all the cd's fall out of the box.)

On the way home we estimated that 80 percent of the people at the gig were tattooed and raced a taxi through the streets of Copenhagen. Then Jimmy and I fell asleep in the backseat.

All in all, another great night out with the HepTown Crew!

Friday, May 16

Long Live the Weekend

Woohoo! In 15 minutes it's goodbye workweek and hello weekend.

Another Friday, another release party

It looks like I'm heading to another release party with free beer in Copenhagen tonight. C.A.P.S. are releasing their new album, I believe it's called Strip Down and Rebuild, on HepTown Records.

However, judging by what I've heard on the bands' myspace pages I'm more excited about opening act Ghostball.

I think I'm gonna bring the Nikon too...

Studenterhuset in Copenhagen is where it's at!

Thursday, May 15

Foo Fighters rider makes a hilarious read

Dave Grohl and co prefer their Gatorade in wacky colors.

The Smoking Gun has revealed the Foo Fighters rider. It's funnier than most riders and has cheered me up immensely during my second half of the hell shift af work. (That's working night, driving home to get 5 hours of sleep and going back to work and do a full day shift.)

I am always amazed by how big the touring crews are and the amount of beverages that are consumed during the 14 or so hours that are spent at the venue. Is it even possible to drink all this stuff?

And 78 people on the crew? There's only four guys in the band, and even with their manager, tour manager, stage manager, sound guy and monitor/guitar/bass/drum techs that still isn't close to 78 people. Exactly how much stuff are the Foos hauling around?

The rider was written by Foo Fighters tour manager Gus Brandt, who told the Smoking Gun that he wanted to make it "interesting to the woman in Oklahoma City who has to go out and get the hummus. Caterers say they love the rider, that let's me know they are reading it."
You can read more about the rider here.

Wednesday, May 14

Return to Fraggle Rock

The Fraggles are back! Those colorful, dancing, singing and hand clapping Jim Henson-puppets will be made into a feature film, according to Variety.

Now where did I put my Gobo doll?

Those of us who grew up in Sweden will remember this version. Ah, that was back in the day when there was only two channels on tv.

Here are some more gems from my childhood;

Gummi Bears

The Trap Door

Monday, May 12

Oops, I forgot about Pepper

Good Lord, this is turning into the "fangirl obsessed with flogging molly-blog". I'll stop it. Soon.
Let me just say that there is an even better slideshow on my myspace page.

But I've forgotten to say something about Pepper. After all, they started the whole thing by hitting my bicycle with their ball.
I didn't manage to take any pictures of Pepper besides this one, because my Nikon was charging up in Flogging Molly's dressing room. (Thanks again Tig, hope you're feeling better.)

But they definitely got the crowd going at Mejeriet. Good grooves, good band, great guys. Check 'em out!

Another thing that has proven itself worthy of an honorable mention is MACs fluidliner in Blacktrack. Stayed in place all night and survived sun, sweat, camera and me jumping around like House of Pain.

Sunday, May 11

Bouncing of the Walls

I'm jumping up and down and sweating so hard I almost drop my precious camera. I must look like a dork with my huge grin and waving arms, because across the stage I can see monitor tech Tig pointing and laughing at me.

So how did a punk rock girl like me end up backstage at a Flogging Molly show?

Two guys kicked their ball into my bicycle. They told me they were from Hawaii and two thirds of supporting band Pepper. I watched them fool around with a ball for a bit, and suddenly George, who plays drums in Flogging Molly, asked me if he could go for a ride on my bicycle.

George, bass player Nathen, guitarist Dennis, accordion player Matthew, monitor tech Tig and two other members of the crew were heading into town to get some food, and I offered to show them the way. I love meeting new people and I had nothing better to do.

I told them a little bit of the history of Lund on the way to the restaurant and showed the guys a really good place to eat called Mediterranean. I joined them for dinner and found myself offering to give a walking tour of the city.

Said and done. We walked past the cathedral, through Lundagård where I showed them the fountain and the University buildnings. It was only a quick tour, but they seemed to enjoy it. And by the time we got back to Mejeriet at least three members of Flogging Molly had taken my bicycle for a spin. Not quite how I expected to spend my Saturday afternoon.

I picked up my camera bag and headed back to Mejeriet to get my photo pass. When I got there I noticed that my battery was acting up, but Tig (sweetheart and lifesaver) suggested I go home and get the charger.
– We got power here, just get it and plug it in.

So with my battery charged I headed down to the pit to take some pictures. I was nervous because it was my first time in the front ditch, competing with photographers with much bigger cameras. It was also the first time I really put the Nikon to the test.

Then the band came on stage and everything happened so fast. I was on a high, snapping pictures and jumping up and down to the music.

It was hotter backstage than out front, and when Dennis came back to get some air before the encore, sweat was literally dripping from his hat. He asked if he could see some pictures and that made me nervous. What if my pictures weren't any good?

The crowd was yelling for more and singer Dave went back on stage. It was beautiful, just him, his guitar and the crowd. I got down on my knees and snapped a really good picture.

Dave and the crowd.

I caught up with Dennis (possibly the nicest man in punk rock) after the show and he liked what he saw of my pictures. Phew!

I also had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys in Pepper, meeting Dave and telling him how much I like his songs and harass Nathen for a fangirl picture.
Someone even told me I was rad. What a show, and what a Saturday. I don't think I'll ever see the likes of that again, but I really hope I do.

Flogging Molly Live at Mejeriet

Here are some of the pictures from last nights show at Mejeriet in Lund. All photos are © punk in writing.

A big THANK YOU to the awesome members of Flogging Molly and their crew who allowed me to hang out backstage, drink their water and take some pictures. I hope I see you in Copenhagen.

Friggin' Awesome Flogging Molly

I've just come home from Flogging Molly's show in Lund. It was awesome!

I brought the Nikon camera and had permission to take pictures in front of the stage, so I was psyched.
Unlike those divas in Tiger Army, Flogging Molly are a rad bunch of people.

Proper pictures and the story of how I showed parts of FM around town and was invited to hang out backstage with them will be posted tomorrow, but here's one I took with my cellphone.

Friday, May 9

Where is Mike Herrera when you need him?

It's a lovely, sunny day outside and I'm stuck inside – chained to my computer. I had lunch outside but then I had to go back inside and update the website and moderate comments.
I feel like the girl in this video. The song is Wrecking Hotel Rooms by MxPx.

I just wish Mike Herrera would pull up in his tour bus so we could trash hotel rooms and go swimming...

Thursday, May 8

Buffy the Tarot Deck

Dark Horse Comics are not only publishing the 8th season of Buffy, they're also working on a tarot deck based on the show that will be released in August.

A few preview images have been released, featuring Buffy as The Magician and Willow as The High Priestess.

I'm not really a fan of theme tarot decks, but I'm looking forward to see how well the creators manage to merge the classic tarot deck with one of my favourite shows.

Wednesday, May 7

Dave King said hello

The Irish singer in the middle says hello.

My co-worker Torgny asked me to drop by his desk today. So I walked up to the entertainment department on the second floor where he handed me a pair of headphones and said: listen to this.

Torgny and I have talked music on the bus to and from work several times, so I expected to hear some music that he wanted my opinion on. Instead it was the tail-end of Torgny's interview with Dave King of Flogging Molly.

It went something like this;
T: And one last thing, we have a girl working here who really loves Flogging Molly and is going to the show. Can you say hi to her?
D: Hello how are ya?

He said more, but I was so baffled that I must have forgotten the rest. That really made my day, and I think the interview is gonna be in the paper tomorrow, including the last bit where Dave says hello to me.

Tuesday, May 6

No thanks, I don't need a plastic bag

Today I have told at least five salespeople in various stores that I don't need a small plastic bag to carry my recently purchased mascara/sunglasses/copy of Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Tiny plastic bags annoy me for a number of reasons. Once you get them home they are of very little use and just pile up under the sink. They're too small to be used as garbage bags and plastic is hard to recycle.
Waste of resources and a waste of space under my sink. Just say no.

By the way, I have now seen both season one and two of Dexter. And I almost threw a fit when I realized that season three hasn't aired yet.
My sister and I have spent hours discussing the show today. We compared and contrasted the show with Buffy and Hellboy, discussed Christian themes, evil, growing up and other traumatic events.

Monday, May 5

Better late than never

New pictures from J.Tex and the Volunteers' release party in Copenhagen are now avaliable on my myspace page.

My new camera and I still need to get to know each other better, but I got some decent pictures.

Rob crossing the bridge to Copenhagen.

Sunday, May 4

My Darling Darkness

DexterI have seen two thirds of the first series of Dexter so far. It's dark and violent but it's also dark and funny. Screenwriter/producer Drew Z Greenberg used to work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I see a lot of similarities between the two shows.

Dexter is a serial killer, but at the same time he is a nice guy with a moral compass. Not unlike Angel and Spike who both were created as killers but were forced (Angel) and chose (Spike) to change. Like the two vampires, Dexter struggles with right and wrong and seems to have equal trouble resiting the urge to kill and maintaining relationships.

Both shows also have plenty of dark humor. In one episode the Miami police discover a pile of body parts wrapped in brown paper arranged in the goal of the Miami Blades ice hockey stadium.

Detective: – What do you think he's trying to tell us?
Dexter: – That hockey's a violent sport?

Also, actress Julie Benz who portrays Dexter's girlfriend Rita played Darla on BtVS and Angel.

One Woman Empire

Dolly Parton was on tv last night, I just read a book on Mae West and now Kat Von D is launching a line of cosmetics. Talk about One Woman Empires.

I admire women like Mae and Dolly who started with nothing and built their own empires. I have encountered a lot of sexism in the present day entertainment industry, and I can only imagine what it must have been like in past decades.

In the 1930s Mae West was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She was outspoken, supported the gay community, people of color and wrote fabulous dialouge.

Girl: – Goodness, what beautiful diamonds!
Mae: – Goodness had nothing to do with it, dearie.

Say what you want about Dolly, but she is one hell of a business woman and songwriter. And returning to her roots in Tennessee's Smokey Mountains to build her theme park, thus providing jobs for local people? Respect.

Kat Von D has a long way to go before becoming an icon, but she might be on her way to establishing her own little empire; tattoo shop, tv-series, an upcoming book and a line of cosmetics. Kat might even be moving in to Martha Stewart territory...

Saturday, May 3

The secret is in the digging

I don't know if it's the digging in the dirt, archaeologist Phil Hardings snassy hat or the enthusiasm of host Tony Robinson that makes Time Team such a great show.

I kicked off my morning by watching Phil and Tony digging for the remains of a castle in Queenborough, England.
Archaeologists seem to spend most of their time on their hands and knees in the dirt, yet they are always thrilled when they find a bit of a wall (somehow they always end up with the remains of a wall or a road) or funny colored dirt that indicates an ancient ditch.

Fuck reality shows like A Shot at Love with Teila Tequila and America's Next Top Model. This is entertainment.

Friday, May 2

Are all rock biographies co-written by Neil Strauss?

I got this feeling of déjà-vu as I was reading Marilyn Manson's autobiography The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell.

The dark and humorous style of the first few chapters morphed into something I had read before. I flicked through the first few pages again, and then I noticed it. The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is co-written by Neil Strauss, who also worked on Jenna Jameson's How To Make Love Like A Pornstar.

As I glanced over at my bookshelf I noticed my recently purchased copy of Mötley Crüe's The Dirt; co-written by none other than... you guessed it. Neil Strauss.
By now I was feeling more than a little paraniod, so I rushed into my office to check all the other rock autobiographies I have. But while Neil Strauss has co-written a few biographies he hasn't done them all.

I think for a moment there I got him confused with Keith and Kent Zimmerman, who worked on autobiographies for Johnny Rotten, Alice Cooper, Sonny Barger and the guys at Orange County Choppers.

Oh, and about Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson; he did drugs. And had sex. Sometimes he even combined those two activities. Yawn.

The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is good, but it is clear that it was written to shape the image of Marylin Manson rather than tell the story of Brian Warner. And that is a shame, because Brian Warner is cleary intelligent and perceptive, with a talent for succeeding in the music industry.

I hope he writes the autobiography of Brian Warner in 20 years time. Now that would be an interesting read. Just leave Neil Strauss out of it.