Friday, August 29

If you like hardcore then we think you rule

I haven't forgotten to write about my trip... I just haven't gotten around to work on the photos yet. My old laptop is having seizures so I am currenly without photoshop, which makes it that much harder to work.

In the meantime, enjoy these images from Vervain's gig at Bodoni in Malmö this wednesday.

If you see some familiar faces in this relatively new band it might be because singer Francke plays bass in The Mockingbirds, drummer Johannes used to play with Union Rags and The Headlines and Chriz used to sing in Union Rags and The Bratpacks.

Wednesday, August 27

Jet Lag City

I'm back home after two weeks of adventures along Highway 1. I didn't remember how anoying jet lag is until I experienced it again. It's hard to fall asleep at night and my body doesn't know if it's coming or going.

Also, I miss the California sun and the warm weather of southern California. And all that tasy Mexican food...

But there are some things about America that I have a hard time getting my head around, such as the self-flushing toilets. Usually found in airports, museums and department stores. Do most people forget to flush, or is it a way to keep people from spending too long in there? Or are Americans to scared of germs to flush the traditional way?

Having to add tips (or service charge as they prefer to call it) and tax to everything you buy means doing math with every meal. And why does the waiter/waitress always drop by to ask how the food is just as I've stuffed my face and can only manage a "mmm-hmm" while nodding approvingly?

Newspapers aren't stapled together and fall apart as soon as you pick them up. Maybe they need all the metal they can find for their cars?

Saturday, August 16

Way Out West, Heading South

Why so long without a post? Well, I haven't had much time to blog as I am travelling south along Highway 1 in California. So far I have taken in San Francisco and the tourist ghetto of Fisherman's Wharf, shopped for records at Amoeba and Rasputins, crossed Golden Gate Bridge and petted a leopard shark.

The Redwood trees at Muir Woods were huge and a great experience, but my favourite stop so far is Santa Cruz. The beach, the boardwalk and Las Palmas Taco Bar where we had lunch.
Last night we were in Monterrey and today we drove down winding roads covered in fog and mist to Pismo Beach.

Wednesday, August 6

In The News

Skratch, Adam, Zoe and the HepCat Store are featured in two newspapers today, Sydsvenskan and Skånskan.

Skånskan even had a photo of me with one of the last cans of Saint 21 pomade.

Yes, I survived A-Bombers

Jens sings while Jimmy and Kajsa make the tent look nice.

There's been so much going on since A-Bombers Old Style Weekend kicked off! I've barely had time to upload my photos to a computer.

The weekend was so much fun, despite the rain. The HepCat crew drove up with four cars, a trailer, a caravan and a lot of great people. Loading all our stuff always takes longer than anticipated, so we got to Backamo late Thursday night. Me and Andy managed to get the tent up before all daylight vanished though.

Friday was a great day, but really hot. I did a radio interview with Radio Malmöhus (P4) in the morning and Jens from J.Tex played several songs in the HepCat tent where Skratch pinstriped a bunch of cars.

Went swimming in the afternoon to cool down after selling some merch at our booths. Best idea we had all day!

I only saw the first half of Wild Wax Combo's set before heading of to bed, so I missed the Go Getters and Marti Brom, dammit.

We woke up Saturday morning to the sound of rain outside the tent. I decided to get up and head for the showers. In hidsight it would probably have been more comfortable to just wash myself in the rain, because there was no hot water left when I got to the showers.

The rain stopped just in time for the race at Devil's Peak. Magnus raced his payless rod so we cheered like crazy for him.

Magnus on his way up the hill.

We watched the first half of the race from the top of the hill, then we went back down to see them start.

Andy and Skratch at Devil's Peak.

As usual it took forever to get back to the campsite. I helped Johan and Rob at the stall and sold hats, magazines and pomade. Our own Saint 21 pomade was so popular that we sold out during Saturday!