Saturday, February 28

The Ladies Room

Renovating any room always seems like a huge project. And I like projects that can be finished over the weekend, preferably in a couple of hours. So updating my bathroom was a perfect project.

We have two bathrooms and mine is the smaller one. I can take as long as I like when doing my make up, and A never has to be confronted with girly things like make up and tampons.

Tin sign from San Francisco.

I found this tin sign in a souvenir shop in San Francisco.
I don't like all the Coca Cola merch that can be found all over the place, most of it is tacky and I don't like the taste of Coca Cola.
Dr Pepper is a different matter.

Upgrading toilet roll holders. Now that's small time pimpin'.

I used to have a really ugly, plastic toilet roll holder. Now I have a nice, retro looking one. Andy put it up for me. It may be a small thing, but it really makes a difference.

Mugshot featuring 1940's hair.

Mugshot found on the internet. Taken in San Francisco sometime during the 1940s. I don't know what she was accused of, but she had a great hairstyle.

Elvis is slightly intimidated by all the cosmetics.

The shelf above the sink. I found the pin up girl in a stall at Spitalfields Market in London. The green ceramic box is where I keep my hair pins.
The glass was one of those items that you just keep moving from place to place. I finally realised that it was perfect for storing qtips.

Wednesday, February 25

Why March Is Gonna Rock

February has been good to me, even if I now am a year older. The days keep getting brighter and it's not as freezing as it was in January.

But March is shaping up to be a truly great month.

Slumdog Millionaire opens in Swedish theaters on the 6th.

New Found Glory are releasing their new album "Not Without A Fight" on the 10th.

Club HepCat will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a big bash at Mejeriet on the 14th. Our old house band, HepCat Daddies, are reuniting for one night only!
Ten years ago nobody though it would last. And today we have a record label, dance classes, a store and we are developing our own brand; Saint 21.

March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day. I'll be celebrating my status as honorary Irish by drinking Guinness. I miss Belfast.

MxPx are releasing their album "On The Cover" on the 24th.

More hours of daylight means I'll have more energy and get things done after work, rather than going home and collapsing in front of the TV.

Saturday, February 21

Housewives Tarot

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Tarot cards, retro housewife-style.
Head over to the website where there's recipes, wallpapers and free tarot readings with a twist.

Friday, February 20

One Life, One Chance

I think I'm coming down with my third cold this winter. This is so not fair.

I have too much work ethic to stay at home when I'm only suffering from a cold. But I wouldn't mind being in bed with a good book right now. Since that's not a possibility I'm self-medicating with tea and hardcore.

Hazen Street
are criminally underrated. As are H2O, here with "One Life, One Chance".

Wednesday, February 18

New Summer Shoes

Outside it's snowing and freezing cold. So naturally I went and bought some new summer shoes yesterday.
We've got some brand new shoes from Lola Ramona in the HepCat Store. They're not in the webshop yet, so if you wanna check them out right now you can always drop by Saint 21.

These sandals look really cute but make me very tall. They look like something Kat Von D would wear but will also work with my retro outfits.

Even us punkabilly girls gotta have options.
If only spring would hurry up and get here so I can wear them outside.

Saturday, February 14

Frank Turner Rocks

As I mentioned in my post about the show at KB last Thursday, Frank Turner was the evening's pleasant surprise.

I think I saw a Black Flag tattoo on his arm, which made me suspect a background in the hardcore scene. Once again, Wikipedia has proved me right. The British singer/songwriter used to be in the now defunct hardcore band Million Dead.

According to his bio he's studied at the London School of Economics. See, this supports my theory that punk kids are smart.

Anyway, here's Frank Turner with "Photosynthesis".

Friday, February 13

High top sneakers and sailor tattoos

I saw Polar Bear Club, Frank Turner and The Gaslight Anthem last night. Great show, even if The Gaslight Anthem had a little trouble living up to their own hype.

Didn't bring the Nikon, because KB are such bitches about their "no system cameras allowed" policy. Shame, because I would have gotten some great shots, especially of Polar Bear Club. Hardcore bands tend to be fun on stage.

But all I got were a few shots with my cellphone camera. Then again, it's nice to go to a show and just enjoy the music, rather than working. Once I get in photo-mode I have a hard time enjoying the music because I'm constantly thinking in images and looking for good shots. Even when I've put the camera down.

Punk rock singer/songwriter Frank Turner was the evening's pleasant surprise. I bought his album and I want to stock his music at the HepCat Store.

The Gaslight Anthem seemed to be a little shy at the beginning of their set, but quickly warmed up once they had gotten hits like The '59 Sound and Great Expectations out of the way. At the end of the gig singer Brian Fallon was actually smiling and having conversations with the audience. All in all, a good night and a great show.

Brian Fallon and blurry Alex Levine of The Gaslight Anthem.

Wednesday, February 11

Snow City

It's snowing again. Here's the view from the office I now work in. On the other side of the buildings there's a lot of very cold water and then you get to Denmark.

The balcony doesn't get used much this time of year. Great view though.

Surprisingly, I had very little trouble getting to work on time. Walking takes a little bit longer because the pavement is slippery, but the bus was only three minutes late and the train was on time.

Tuesday, February 10

The Gaslight Anthem

For once I have discovered a new band the week before they play a show near me. The Gaslight Anthem are playing in Malmö on Thursday.

I've only heard a few songs, so I'm just gonna show up with an open mind and hope for some great music.

Monday, February 9

Ink, Not Mink - Carey Hart

Carey Hart, freestyle motocross rider, business owner, AMA team owner and former husband of Pink, is PETAs latest model in the "Ink, Not Mink" campaign.

Carey Hart became famous for doing stuff that is gonna cause a few broken bones. Here he pulls of the first backflip in competition.

It's nice to see a tattooed man take his shirt off to help animals.

Friday, February 6

Loretta Lynn and the Weekend

After a long, hard week I long for the weekend. Finally I'll be able to sleep in, have breakfast in my pajamas and watch Saturday morning tv.
Loretta Lynn helps me make it through the last few hours of work. And as I am working with two different Content Management Systems and three applications that I've learned in the past two weeks I need all the help I can get.

And if nothing else works, Porter Wagoner's rhinestone suits always cheer me up. Here he sings "Daddy Was An Old-time Preacher Man" with Dolly Parton.

Thursday, February 5

Media Evolution 2009

Chris is the blurry guy on the screen.

I was at a big event called Media Evolution last night. It was a work thing and I meet a lot of people I used to work with or work with in some capacity in my new job.

But the main thing was a speech by Chris Anderson, author of "The Long Tail". He was in Malmö to talk about his new book called "Free" and concepts and business models for the future of digital content on the internet. Interesting stuff. Chris Anderson may give away his ideas for free in digital form, but his personal appearances cost a small fortune.

Marit Bergman's surprise performance.

There was a surprise performance by singer/songwriter Marit Bergman, nice food, a panel discussion and a lot of mingling going on. I met Kix, Sandrina and Miriam who was my classmate at The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Gothenburg University.
Miriam works at a magazine called Internetworld and lives in Stockholm so it was a rare treat to meet her in person.

Wednesday, February 4

Good Old Monster

Just because it's Wednesday, here's Swedish ska-punk band Monster with "Don't Answer The Phone".

Monster formed in 1994 and split up in 2000 after releasing two albums. Singer Anders Wendin now has a solo career as Moneybrother, but I prefer good old ska-punk Monster.
Rocker's Delight was one of my favourite tracks.

I was lucky enough to see them live twice before they split up.

Tuesday, February 3

Photo op!

I started a new job a few weeks ago and today I had to pose for photos for the company website. The terror started this morning when I was assaulted by my co-worker and his camera. I had to pose at least four times before he got this lovely shot.

Note the unfinished smoothie in the background.

See, that's just lame. I'm way faster as a photographer.
As you can see I hadn't even finished my breakfast. And I'm cranky before I've had anything to eat.

But was I allowed to eat breakfast in peace after this? Hell no! I had to pose for the proper photos. Ick!

Anyway, the new job means that I've said goodbye to Helltown and Helltown News for now. These days I'm a web girl, working with websites that promote tourism, events and investments in the region.

EDIT: And here's the official photo. I blame the smile on the photographer.

Sunday, February 1

Am I Turning Into A Domestic Goddess?

I don't understand what's going on. All of a sudden I find myself running around the flat (that's the condo to those of you from the US of A) picking up stray items, folding laundry and sorting stuff.

I started the day by doing laundry. I had breakfast that didn't come in a box, took out the trash, did the ironing, folded the laundry and cooked lunch.
And now I feel an urge to buy new plants and bake something wearing my cupcake apron. Have I finally gone mad?

I think I'd better sit down and eat chocolate until it goes away.

Maybe even put in an ad for a butler. Preferably a Jeeves-type who can make tea, cook a full English breakfast and say things like "certainly miss, I shall see to it at once".

Vintage Bedside Table

Yes, I read a lot.

Sometimes the best stuff is just around the corner. Or in your friend's basement. Like this vintage teak bedside table from the 1950s.

I needed a new bedside table and Jimmy had one he wanted to get rid of. He dropped it off at Saint 21 and I picked it up yesterday. I no longer need to keep my books on the floor.