Sunday, March 29

What 1930's actress am I?

You are the original "independent woman", refusing to depend on anyone else to get where you are today. You don't care what other people think about you, and are never afraid to share your opinions with the world on just about any topic or situation. You're cunning, witty, and most of the time a gem to be around, a real class act if you will. Naturally athletic you love playing sports, though your true love is drama. Having won the most Academy Awards (4) of any woman in Hollywood history, it's also no secret that you're admired and regarded as one of, if not THE, most talented woman in film.

You can take the quiz here.

Sweet Sunday!

It must be the sun, the slight increase in temperature and the crocus and snowdrops that are showing up in gardens, fields and along the sidewalks.

Spring is here! Suddenly I find myself spring-cleaning, replacing old table cloths and clearing out old clothes, dusty headphones and all kinds of junk.
I figure if it's covered in dust it's a sign it's not being used and should go.

For once it feels like I have gotten things done this Sunday and not like I wasted a day by watching tv and sleeping.

We've been to a car boot sale where I found an old vase that now holds lollipops (see photo), went for a bike ride in the sun, had pasta with mozzarella for lunch, cleaned the flat some more and flew the model airplane A got for his birthday.

And it's not even six o'clock yet!

I like to arrange my lollipops. They're far less demanding than flowers.

Tuesday, March 24

If You Wanna Be Happy

Some songs just start playing in your head for no reason at all. "If You Wanna Be Happy" by Jimmy Soul is one of those songs. I've been humming it for two days and I haven't heard it since the last time I saw "Mermaids".

If you prefer Spotify, you can find the song here.

Sunday, March 22

Hangin' at Saint 21

Jimmy was in the box a second ago.

There's been a lot of photography going on today. I took some new photos down at Saint 21, to be used in an upcoming magazine feature on the store. And Jimmy borrowed my camera and took some candid shots. Some were of me. Eeek! I prefer to be the one holding the camera.

Jimmy the model. We sell hats. And music.

Why are all the cameras aimed at me?

Oh, and I found my photo of J.Tex in the program for Tattoobåten, a tattoo boat cruise organized by a friend of Saint 21. I'm credited as the photographer. Yay!

J.Tex will be playing at Tattoobåten 2009.

Saturday, March 21

Retro Deluxe

I was in Gothenburg for a trade fair on Friday. After checking out hundreds of booths and sampling way too much free food I headed to Redbergsplatsen and Retro Deluxe, a retro store run by the lovely Ellen.


Not only does she have great taste in clothes, she also does alterations and classes in retro hairstyling.
She had one pair of Vivien of Holloway trousers left in the shop and they were my size! And they were on sale!

If you're in Gothenburg make sure you drop by Retro Deluxe.

Tuesday, March 17

Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

This is a day that should be celebrated with a visit to Ireland. But since we can't all go and have a pint or oysters and champagne in my old corner pub on Lisburn Road in Belfast, here's some Irish music that just might ease the suffering of having to spend St Patrick's Day somewhere other than Ireland.

Sunday, March 15

But I have nothing to wear!

No matter how much I shop or re-arrange my closet I still find myself rummaging through growing piles of clothes, panicking because I have nothing to wear. And I should have left the house five minutes ago.

Years of practice have helped me perfect my everyday jeans and t-shirt combos, but the problems start as soon as I need something a little more dressed up or formal.

If I decide on a skirt that looks good I can't find a festive top to go with it. And why is the item you planned on wearing always stained or in desperate need of laundry?

This is where dresses come in handy. You only need one item and then you're good. Grab some shoes and a bracelet and you're out the door.

I've learned my lesson when it comes to pantyhose and always keep a bunch of new ones in my dresser. Sometimes I go crazy and go with old school stockings. I've even got a vintage petticoat for of my vintage style dresses.

But I can't believe it took me so long to figure dresses out. For most of my formative years I refused to wear them. I lived in jeans, sweatshirts and the occasional formal shirt. Dresses just didn't feel right.

But I'm still that tomboy at heart. I'd choose capris, a halterneck top and heels over a dress any day. Because I still haven't figured out a good plave to keep my keys when I'm in a dress.

Friday, March 13

Listen To Your Friends

I'm getting ready for the weekend with the first single from New Found Glory's latest album "Not Without A Fight".

I'm hoping New Found Glory will make it up to Scandinavia when they tour in support of "Not Without A Fight". Usually their European tours are limited to the UK and mainland Europe. The same goes for two other bands I love, MxPx and Alkaline Trio.

Thursday, March 12


Push the button.

Spotted this doorbell on my way to a work meeting yesterday. Pling plong is the sound Swedish doorbells make when you press the button.

And yes, the people on the other side of the door are of the creative kind. We're talking web agency, advertising and communications.

Monday, March 9

Inspired by Comedy Goddess

Ok, I can live with Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale and even miss goody two-shoes Sandra Bullock. But Calista Flockhart? Ewww!

Celebrity Collage inspired by Comedy Goddess.

Sunday, March 8

I'm not a fashion blogger

I may help to run a clothing store, but I don't post photos of my daily outfit. Mainly because anyone reading would be bored silly by the same combinations of dark demin jeans with turn ups, black hooded sweaters and various t-shirts and shirts.

I dress more or less the same now as I did at University. I have always worked in places that have fairly casual dress codes, if any. But I now find myself in a proper office, with people who dress in suits, shirts and some even wear ties. Yikes!

I find this a little bit intimidating. A part of me feels like I should smarten up. The other part can't be bothered. I've always been a tomboy and never really bothered with cosmetics, apart from the occasional eyeliner and mascara.
And while I do dress up for nights out and can spend hours doing my hair before a rockabilly event, I just can't see myself getting up early to put together an outfit.

Then there's the issue of me being a klutz. I would never get through a day in heels and stockings. They would get torn on the way to work, and heels are hopeless when you're running for the train.

But when I look for stylish inspiration I check out these blogs:

Volbeat Weekend

I've had a really hectic weekend. I went shopping in Copenhagen with my sister on Saturday and spent a small fortune at Rockahula. My sister and I had a great lunch with strawberry Margueritas at Mama Rosa and recovered from a few hours of shopping with fresh juice at Joe and the Juice.

On Saturday night the entire crew from Saint 21 went and saw Volbeat play at the new arena in Lund. They're good, but I can't understand how they got so big.

Rob got drunk on a glass of red wine and started acting like a 14-year old. He managed to shut off his phone by using the wrong pin-number three times, forgot his keys at the shop and had to be driven home. You gotta love that guy.

Monday, March 2

Kickstarted by a Lullaby

I didn't really wake up this morning until my mp3-player started playing this track.

Sunday, March 1

Sharing The Sugar

We had the relatives here today, celebrating two birthdays. I did three diffrent versions of banana cupcakes and a chocolate fudge cake, my sister brought vanilla cupcakes with cherries on top.

Little Sister's Cherry Cupcakes.

I remembered to take some photos with my phone camera just before we started running out of cupcakes.

Banana Cupcakes with simple chocolate frosting next to Little Sister's Cherry Cupcakes.

Mini Banana Cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.
Topped with sprinkles made from banana chips.

I've still got some leftovers in the fridge. So feel free to drop by if you're in the mood for cupcakes!

His N Hers Donuts

Think Pink.

We forgot to eat our dessert yesterday, so today we're having donuts for breakfast. I'm not one of those girls who love everything that is pink. Never has been.

As a kid I asked Mom for clothes in black and red. We're talking the age of five here. I got my first leather jacket for my 12th birthday.

But something about the pink frosting appealed to me at the store yesterday. Maybe it's years of indoctrination that girls equal pink that is finally setting in?