Thursday, April 30

Nothing To Prove

Gaah! There's no time for a proper post!
Too much work and not enough time. I'm all about high energy and a fast pace today.

So it feels right to post the latest video from H2O, "Nothing To Prove". Nothing says energy, fun and sunshine like a good hardcore song.

Tuesday, April 28

News Man by J.Tex

I normally don't post stuff from the HepCat Store or HepTown Records here, but this is so good I just had to.

It's a new song by J.Tex and the Volunteers called "News Man", taken from their upcoming album. Enjoy!

J.Tex and the Volunteers are one of the bands on HepTown Records. If you like what you hear you can buy their album here.

You can read about all the stuff that happens at Saint 21, home of the HepCat Store, HepTown and HepTown Records, on our blog.

Sunday, April 26

A League of Their Own

"A League of Their Own" was on tv last night. I saw this movie in the theatre when it opened back in 1992, long before I was into the retro lifestyle and vintage items.

I really enjoyed it then but now I appriciate all the little things, like the hair, the clothes and those old school buses the girls travel around in.

"A League of Their Own" is based on the story of The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, that existed from 1943 to 1954.

Just like in many other areas of society, the war provided an opportunity for women to do something that had previously been reserved for men.
But even professional athletes had to be ladies. Charm school was a requirement and slacks were not permitted as streetwear.

The movie version of the 1944 Rockford Peaches.

The real Rockford Peaches.

But what I really wanna know is how they managed to keep up such amazing hairstyles on the playing field? Geena Davies looks amazing even when she's scruffy and sweaty. Maybe because she's Geena Davies.

Oh, and she speaks Swedish. Young Geena was an exchange student in Sandviken, Sweden.
I remember reading an interview where she said that she had never met boys who were taller than her before she came to Sweden.

Geena Davies and Lori Petty as sisters Dottie Hinson and Kit Keller.

For more on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League check out

Thursday, April 23

Why Placebo reminds me of Rachel Stamp

I just checked out the new video from Placebo on YouTube.
It's a wicked song, but the only thing I could think was "has Robin Guy (of Rachel Stamp and a ton of other bands; see photo) joined Placebo"?

EDIT: The clip I used has been disabled, click here to view Placebo's new video.

Turns out it's not Robin Guy in the video. Placebo's new drummer is way too pretty to be Robin. I saw that as soon as Brian Molko stopped hogging the limelight and allowed a close up of the new drummer, a 22 year old called Steve Forrest.

For those of you who have never heard of Rachel Stamp:

Now I’m Nailed To Your Bedroom Wall I’ve Only Got Myself To Blame… The Best Of Rachel Stamp will be released on the 27th of April.

I'm gonna be humming "Monsters of the New Wave" for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 22


Yay! The veggie fair (vegomässan) comes to Malmö on May 9th. The venue is much larger and there's gonna be a proper food court.

Last time the venue was way too small so people had to wait in line to get in.

I hope there will be some fun, new veggie food to try and some good shopping.

Monday, April 20

Saturday in Småland

This weekend I spent a few days with my sister at our old house in Småland. If this house was a car it would be a jalopy.
But it's a nice place to visit in the spring.

I've never understood people who manage to spend weekends relaxing in their country cottages. All we seem to do is work. There's fire wood to chop and carry indoors, rooms to clean, land to inspect and relatives to visit...

Walking back from the river.
The boys went fishing on Saturday morning. The fishes must have been asleep.

This road leads to our house.

Signs of spring on the tree that's right on our doorstep.

Fire! If you don't know how to start it, you'll have to live without heating and hot water.

Rusty buckets are very in this season.
We use this one to collect ashes from the furnace.

Saturday, April 18

Gems from the road

I just got back from a short road trip. I don't know if was the change of scenery or the sharp-witted company that made me notice some strange things.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you my gems from the road from Skåne to Småland.

The Multi Wonder, spotted at Biltema.

How have I managed without the multi wonder? As there are several boxes, does that make this a photo of multiple multi wonders?
My travel companion Fredrik already had one of these. But he's one of those people who have one of everthing.

Dummy candy, spotted at a grocery store.

Ok, so candy is bad for you. But does it actually make you dumb? Or is this an imitiation of candy? Maybe even crash test candy? Maybe I should have bought some and found out.

Would you eat with a knife and fork that were as dirty as your hands are? Sanitary advice spotted at a burger place called Frasses.

Well, you really should wash your hands before eating that burger at the roadside diner. But why was this sign in the bathroom, where most people go after they have eaten?

Friday, April 17

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry

I first read about this documentary in Inked magazine a while ago.

Then I stumbled across this trailer for "Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry" on YouTube.

If you're into the art of tattoos you should know the master behind many classic designs, the one and only Sailor Jerry.

I hope "Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry" be avaliable on dvd soon.

If you, like me, are a fan of his artwork then you should check out some of the merch that is inspired by his designs at (officially licensed and sanctioned).
If you're in Europe you can buy your Sailor Jerry merch from Outcast.

I am the proud owner of these little darlings.

You can read more about Norman Collins aka Sailor Jerry here.
For more on the documentary, go to

Wednesday, April 15

High School Hellcats

Does anybody know where I can get a copy of "High School Hellcats" (1958) on dvd?

The first time I heard the term "high school hellcats" was in this scene from Cry Baby. It took me a couple of years to figure out that there was a movie with the same name. I even had a small canvas print of the movie poster in my bathroom without realizing that it was from the actual movie!

I find it slightly embarrassing to have posters from movies I haven't seen.

Monday, April 13

The Garden of Easter

Maybe this post should be called the balcony of Easter. I don't have a garden, but I do have a balcony with a small greenhouse. And a long row of mismatched pots.

The balcony. Pardon the grill on the table and the mismatched pots.

The spring weather showed up just in time for Easter so I've been cleaning out the debris left by the builders who replaced the windows a few months ago. Trust me, there was a lot of junk and dead plants that needed throwing out.

It took some heavy duty cleaning but now it is a nice place to hang out. And watch stuff grow. I just wish there was room for bigger chairs.

It's alive! Alive! I put the seeds in the dirt myself.

I usually grow stuff that can be eaten but this year I've opted for flowers. But I might get some herbs and tomato plants later on. Last year I grew beets, tomatoes and radishes.

Purple is my favourite colour. Violets rock.

Oh yeah, I like to look rockin' on the balcony too. That's why I wear my Lucky Lou shoes and capri pants.

I'm not one of those people who garden in crocs.

And there's stuff growing in my kitchen too. If all goes well the seeds in the small pots will move into the greenhouse in a few weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all the seeds will grow into plants.

Just another sunny day in Sweden.

Thursday, April 9

What year do I belong in?

Since the other quiz I posted seemed to be so popular, here's another one. What year do you belong in?

You Belong in 1954

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

I'm not really sure that I'm all that innocent, but I wouldn't mind a trip to 1954. I'd love to do some shopping and pick up items that are now considered vintage.
But I wouldn't wanna live in 1954. No internet, no cell phones, no punk rock and crap wages for women? No thank you!

I'm too much of a 21st century girl. There's a reason why I'm more punkabilly than rockabilly.

Tuesday, April 7

Outcasts looking for Angels

It's a good day for some old school punk rock from Boston. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Roses and Razorblades by Far From Finished.

This song reminds me of summer, hangin' out with friends, bbq and beer before a punk show.
I'm really looking forward to West Coast Riot in June.

Sunday, April 5

A Tale of a Scruffy Stylist

I've worked hard today. I spent several hours making good looking models look even better for the camera. It's a bit hard on the self esteem, let me tell ya.

Photographer Dan Sköld dropped by Saint 21 for a photo shoot in our brand new studio. Rob finished it this morning, so it's brand spankin' new.

We have plenty of new stuff in the store and it takes a lot of work to get nice photos of everything for the webshop. Dan is a pro and I've never worked with studio lighting, so I did a lot of looking and learning.

The boys plan to get some lights for the studio so that I can play around there and learn some new tricks.

But today I was stylist rather than photographer. I did hair for model Sunna and made sure all labels were out of sight, all clothes fit the way they were supposed to and picked out shoes. It's a lot harder than it looks.

Eddie has modelled for us so often that he's a pro by now, so I spent most of my time styling new model Sunna while Rob sorted out outfits for Johan.

Caroline, Kristopher and Håkan did a lot of the work behind the scenes, such as sorting clothes, folding clothes and putting them back after the photo shoot. When you go through a few hundred outfits, that's a lot of clothes to fold.

Photographer Dan and model Johan. He's got an older brother who sings in HepCat Daddies.

Photographer Dan and model Sunna. Those shoes rock.

Rob is making sure everything looks right. He was up half the night painting the studio. Johan, Eddie and Caroline in the background.

Everybody look down! We moved a lot of stuff to make room for the studio. I'm the scruffy one in purple.

It's all about the details. Shirt and skirt by Robert&Blad, bandana by DePalma. Pace jeans on the scruffy stylist.

A scruffy stylist making sure model Sunna looks good.

Photographer Dan and modell Sunna. Suit by Robert&Blad, shoes by Lola Ramona.

I'm not sure what Rob is doing to model Johan in this photo... Sailor pants by Robert&Blad, tank top by DePalma.

The new stuff will be added to the webshop in the next few days. We still have to edit more than a thousand photos before they are ready for the webshop.

Welcome to the glamorous world of street wear and rock n roll fashion.

Friday, April 3

Private Radio

I wonder why some songs just start playing in my head for no apparent reason. It happens no matter what I do.
I've written about it before, but lately the songs are showing up more than ever. It's like my brain has started it's own pirate radio station. It seems to happen more frequently when I haven't used my mp3-player for a few days.

This one showed up in my head when I was on my way to work yesterday.

And a few hours ago it was Daddy DJ by Daddy DJ. I'd just like to know what's triggering all these songs. It's been years since I listened to most of them.

Wednesday, April 1

Discussions and Silence

I've just spent two days at a conference in the countryside, discussing strategy and visions. All that talking, socialicing and planning was exhausting. I hardly noticed that I didn't watch TV or touched a computer the entire time I was away.

We were in a small town in the Swedish countryside, and as soon as you stepped out of your car you noticed the silence. Spring is in the air, and that made it a pleasure to walk around.

We were a diverse group of strong-willed people from different organisations who work together at Mejeriet, an independent culture center.

One of the comments I remember hearing was that on paper, our umbrella organization shouldn't be able to function. But in practice, it does.
Though not without debates, discussions and the will to make things work.

But I'm still amazed at the differences between working in culture and working in business.