Friday, May 29

Everything I Know I Learned From A Song

I was at a party yesterday and did a quiz were we had to name the five burroughs of New York City. I've never been to New York, but I do remember the Beastie Boys' song "An Open Letter To NYC".

"Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten - from the Battery to the top of Manhattan".

And they said all that music I listened to during my formative years was a waste of time. Bah!

Sunday, May 24

Fun With My Glue Gun

A Buffy pin, a skullbow and a Marvel pick are revamped as hair clips.

I love fixing broken things and re-using stuff for new purposes. Today I spent some time turning old pins, a broken barette and some other things into new hair clips.
That low heat glue gun I bought a year ago is really useful sometimes.

Friday, May 22

Remember me?

I substituted my lunch for a large strawberry milkshake and record shopping. I found some old favourites among in the used records section.

Zwan - Mary star of the sea, Beaches soundtrack, Hole - Celebrity Skin, Kula Shaker - K, Courtney Love - America's Sweetheart.

Remember when bliss was finding an almost new record that you really wanted but couldn't afford in the "just in" section? I have some very good memories from used record shops.

Monday, May 18

Dita and Eurovision

Alas, the annoyance that is Eurovision has finally ended. This year I managed to avoid the vast majority of it. But I had to tune in when I heard that Dita von Teese was performing with the German entry.

The singer with the sparkly pants can't believe his luck.

Am I the only one who felt cheated because they didn't show the first part of Dita von Teese's performance? I only caught a brief glimpse of a hat and a sparkly coat, the rest was obscurred my Mr Glitterpants and his two dancers.

She looked fabulous in her corset, but I would have preferred to see the first part of her routine.

Whip it, whip it. Sorry, I grew up in the 80's.

Those of you who are of the twittering persuation can follow Dita here.

The Return of Bésame

Bésame Cosmetics have relaunched their website and the entire line of cosmetics. So far there is only one product up, the Volouptous Lip Color Set.

It looks like the company may be moving away from the 1940's inspired packaging and towards 1920's inspired modern packaging.
I just hope Bésame will keep the lovely style of compacts they used to have.

Good things are supposed to come in small, glamorous packages.

Tuesday, May 12

Only The Lonely

I found a Roy Orbison compilation at the discount store a few days ago and I've been grooving to "the soul of rock n roll" ever since.
It's amazing how well his songs have stood the test of time.

CMT has a great tribute page to Roy Orbison, check it out here.

Hans Rosling on swine flu and media

A few weeks ago I heard Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet and Director of the Gapminder Foundation, talk about health and money in the world. He spoke about how the world has changed and the challenges these changes have brought.

Hans Rosling is one of the best speakers I have heard in a long time. Here is what he has to say about swine flu and the media frenzy.
Finally, someone with perspective.

Saturday, May 9


I've been told that I talk a lot. And I guess I do.
Maybe I'm making up for all those years as a good girl who never made much noise in class. Maybe it's because many of my friends aren't of the shy and quiet kind.

But I didn't realize that I sometimes speak with quite an impressive volume. I've been hushed by co-workers more than once.

It might have something to do with the guys at Saint 21. They are my friends and I love them, but sometimes I have to stand in front of them and shout if I want their attention.
That's artists and visionaries for you, always working on some master plan in the back of their mind.

I spent a lot of time at the newsdesk as a reporter at a daily newspaper. If you've never been in a newsroom, let me explain it to you.
There's a crackling police radio that is always on, photographers and reporters coming and going, phones that ring and a never ending conversation about what's going on and what should be featured in tomorrow's paper. Then there's people pitching ideas, general small talk and meetings.

Not your average corporate environment. Maybe that's why I'm a little too loud for my office sometimes. Or it could just be my personality.

Friday, May 8

Clint Jivoin

You know how you sometimes come across people who are a real treat to talk to and really talanted? Ok, so it doesn't happen as often as it should. But Clint Jivoin is one of those people.

This young singer/songwriter from Ohio released his first album, Trainwreck, last summer. His style can be described as folk punk or punk-laced rockabilly.

If you check out his myspace, tell him I said hi.

Tuesday, May 5

I'm pitching this one to the Networks

I was reading a post on Henry the eight over at The Middenshire Chronicles when I got this idea for a reality show.

Lock up King Henry in a mansion with the three priests from Father Ted, rev Geraldine Granger from the Vicar of Dibley and Anne Robinson from The Weakest Link. And maybe we should throw in Graham Norton too, just for fun?

It would be a really strange version of the Real World... and I'm not sure how you'd pick a winner. But it sounds like good television.

Have you got a better idea?

EDIT: I should add that Chris Hale suggested I call the show Hal's a Poppin'.

Monday, May 4

He ain't my type but he sings some pretty good songs

Brad Paisley is not my type. He's a country singer, he wears a white cowboy hat* and acid washed jeans that went out of style in 1992. I guess they're still considered hot if you live in Texas, Tennessee or Oklahoma.

Yet there's something about his songs that keep me coming back for more. Maybe it's the clever and funny lyrics or his fabulous voice. It sure as hell ain't his taste in hats.

About the lyrics, listen to Online or You Need a Man Around Here and you'll see what I mean.

* In my opinion cowboy hats should only be worn by actual cowboys or people working outdoors in the sun. And they're not supposed to be white.