Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

You know it's gonna be a good day when your breakfast is fresh mango, peppermint tea and a chocolate bat.

My Halloween started early this year. I enjoyed pumpkin and feta cheese pie, decorated ginger cookies, ate candy from a cauldron and watched Trick 'r Treat while hiding behind a pillow. Then I sang along to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which made my boyfriend roll his eyes and sigh.
Good thing I have a sister who appreciates Halloween as much as I do. And makes pumpkin pie and ginger cookies to celebrate it.

Another photo from my session with Sweet Amanda.

Thursday, October 29

Sweet Amanda for Halloween

I did a photo shoot with the lovely Sweet Amanda the other day. She's performing a new burlesque routine this Friday and she wanted some photos in her new outfit.

Yes, I went a little crazy in photoshop.

Sweet Amanda will be performing at Trash Can Club's A Cramps Halloween Monster Mash in Malmö. Also on the bill are The Gravemen and Torpedo Monkeys.

Tuesday, October 20

He Wrote the Addams Family Theme Song

Composer Vic Mizzy, who wrote the Addams Family Theme, has passed away. Vic Mizzy wrote the opening theme and directed the opening sequence to the 1960's TV series, which features all members of the family snapping their fingers in sync with the music.

Vic Mizzy sang the song himself since his production company refused to pay for singers.

In the clip below Vic Mizzy talks about writing the song. The last part where he is asked about where the idea for the finger snapping came from is hilarious.

It's funny that it's so hard to believe that sometimes ideas just pop into your head and then you go from there.

Stevyn Colgan wrote a good post on this subject a little while ago, where he mentions author Neil Gaiman's great reply to the question "where do you get your ideas from?".

I make them up. [...] Out of my head.

Tuesday, October 13

Grindhouse Tattoo - Now On Youtube

HepTowns resident videographer and partner in crime, Mr Dan, just made this video for Christian at Grindhouse Tattoo.

Click here to see part two.
To see more of Dan's work, check out his channel on Youtube.

Wednesday, October 7

John Lindberg Trio

Swedish rockabilly group John Lindberg Trio released their new album Brand New Philosophy today. They were guests on the show Nyhetsmorgon this morning. I didn't see it, but all the clips are avaliable on the web.

John Lindberg Trio.
Photo from

You can find Brand New Philosophy on Spotify.

Andi Almqvist - Glimmer

Andi Almqvist has finished his new album Glimmer. It will be released on October 28. This means he can chill out and stop obsessing over mixes and the need to remaster certain tracks.

I wasn't a huge fan of Red Room Stories, but I am pleasantly surprised by the trailer for Glimmer.
Click here to check out his myspace.

Tuesday, October 6

My Mother's Birthday Present

I hardly believed my ears when my mother said she wanted a tattoo. My sister and I treated our mother to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, as a birthday gift, when the subject came up.

I did not talk her into it, it was all her idea. She knew what she wanted done too. So I told her I'd sort something out and called my friend Christian who runs Grindhouse Tattoo.

Said and done, my mother and Christian set a date and talked about the design. And today I took a long lunch so I could head over to Grindhouse and take some photos as my mother got her tattoo.
My sister and I gave her the tattoo as a gift for her 60th birthday. I should add that my mother is a priest and just got a new job as a vicar.

Mom was fairly relaxed. Christian was chewing gum.

Christian at work.

The finished tattoo. The fish was the earliest symbol of Christianity.

Lucky Me

I'm a winner! I won a package of Urban Decay make up from from! Yay!

Normally they don't ship prizes outside North America, but they made an exception for me since the make up hardly weighed anything.

I won an eyelash primer, a lip pencil, a lipstick and an eyeshadow.

Thursday, October 1

The Best Music Video Ever Made

I don't know if it's the combination of 80's dance music, medieval surrondings and Morris dancers. Maybe it's singer Ivan Doroschuk's good looks and flowing hair?
This must be one of the greatest music videos ever made. It's safety dance by Men Without Hats.

I've said it before, a lot of awesome things have come from Canada.

The live version is almost as much fun. Click here to see it.