Friday, December 31

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2010 seems to have flown by.
Lots of things have happened in my life this year but I finally feel like I'm moving in the right direction. I couldn't have done it without my friends. You know who you are and I love you all. From here we can only go forward.

Some of you have read this blog since the start, others have just joined the party. I appreciate you all and wish you a fabulous 2011.

Wednesday, December 29

New Perspective

Got some new perspectives at work today. Perspectives of the oh-look-I-can-see-over-the-main-building-kind. I rode the turntable ladder and it was a good thing I borrowed work wear from the firefighters. It's windy when you're that high up.

Yup, that's the truck way down there.

Today was actually the second time I rode a turntable ladder. Tried it on Monday too, at another station. Didn't manage to get any photos from the basket though, because it's tricky to handle a smartphone with firefighter gloves.

The outfit. The boots are always too big.

There's a lot of stuff in a fire truck.

This thing is called a "bonk".
Presumably because that's the sound it makes when used.

Ridin' in the back

I can't even back up my car this straight.

Saturday, December 25

This Christmas..

I celebrated at my mother's house. She's a vicar so she works during the holidays. I've done most of the cooking and shovelled a lot of snow. It's been snowing like crazy here for the past few days and I can't remember ever seeing this much snow in southern Sweden.

I can't even get my car into my parking space because the city and my landlord haven't done anything to clear away the snow on my street. Don't get me wrong, I like snow. Just not this much of it.

Mom has an orange tree in her living room. With lights.
She has a proper christmas tree too, but it's not as pretty as this.

I cooked a veggie ham, also known as "ham without butt" from Astrid och aporna.

Merry Christmas!

Gifts! I feel a tiki party coming on...

My plan for the rest of the day is to watch a movie and eat a sinful amount of chocolate. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 22

Merry Christmas!

We've got way more snow than we need, gifts that need wrapping and a veggie ham to look forward to.
Here's me and my partners in crime from the HepCat Store wishing you all happy holidays. Elf yourself - you gotta love it.

Monday, December 20

I see faces

I wish I'd thought of this... it's like an instant snowman. Times three.

Spotted in Malmö on Saturday.

Saturday, December 18


Made my way through the snow and checked out Fatboy at KB tonight. The first part was a little slow but they got the crowd going about halfway through the set and from that point it rocked.
Also tried out Vignette, a new photo app for my phone. Must say I'm impressed with the result.




More photos on flickr and a video on bambuser.

Friday, December 17


Went to the movies and checked out Tron Legacy in 3D tonight. I remember watching the original movie from 1982 on TV as a kid.

Tron Legacy must be a little strange to people who've never seen Tron, because it's full of visual references to the original.
The new movie is shinier, sleeker and has a soundtrack by Daft Punk, who also do a cameo.

Wednesday, December 15

Dreaming of sunshine

I know Christmas is right around the corner but I can't help longing for summer. Winter can be beautiful but right now I feel the need for warmer weather, longer days and sunshine.

Ah... this is more like it.

Monday, December 13

Hello, I'm the new girl

I started a new job last week. New buildings, new faces and new names. There's been a lot of learning for me these past few days.
It's scary but also exciting to do something new. I now work at the local fire department, which means I'll soon be a punk in uniform.

New view

I'll be working with communication and social media, so I need to learn as much as possible about everything that goes on at a fire department. And that's a lot. Education, inspections, permits, putting out fires and saving lives...
Today I got lessons in basic life support and fire safety.

And then there's a lot of new people and names to remember, and I'm not good with names. Luckily all the firemen have their first name on their shirt.

Wednesday, December 8

Gingerbread Cake

I baked a gingerbread cake last night. I'd used the oven to cook dinner, so I figured I might as well bake. My kitchen still smells like Christmas...

Good cake, crappy photo.


I visited the local nuns yesterday. Mariadöttrarna (Daughters of Mary) is a Lutheran religious order that is a part of the Church of Sweden.

It's always interesting to meet people who have chosen to live differently from the norm. The three sisters in my town live in a lovely old house and visiting them is a bit like stepping out of everyday society and into a more quiet and thoughtful place.

We talked about Christmas, faith and many other things. They have three nuns in the order who are my age, and they were happy to have "young ones" in their midst.
I feel no urge or calling to become a nun myself, but I find them very inspiring.

I didn't take any photos, because it just felt rude to ask when you are a guest in somebody's home. So here's a photo from newspaper Dagen.

Foto: Josefin Casteryd

Sunday, December 5


One good thing about all this annoying snow is getting texts like this. Happy dog in snow.


Thursday, December 2

Christmas in my fridge

It's here! The gingerbread-flavoured yoghurt that's only sold in December. You either love it or you hate it.
Me? I'm lovin' it...

Yum. A classic from Skåne next to a classic from Brussels.

Monday, November 29

All I want is a DeLorean

This freezing weather and constant snowing has made me long for a way to get around without driving in the snow or freezing to death while waiting for the bus. And the I realized... I need the DeLorean from Back To The Future II.

"You built a time machine out of a DeLorean?"

Flying cars... shouldn't we have these by now?

I wouldn't have to drive in the snow or worry about traffic, I could just go to hover-mode and fly. And since it's a time machine it might actually get me to work on time.

Friday, November 26


It's cold, it's snowing and I've finally gotten proper tires on my car. It seems like I've had a never-ending to do list this week, including new gloves, defrosting my bike with a lighter, locating lost documents and trying to talk to people who don't call back.
At least I won't have to get up early tomorrow morning.

Stolen from greaserlevin who probably stole it from someone else

Thursday, November 25


My friend Kerry Bomb of The Headlines is homie of the week in local newspaper City. She even made the cover.

Homie Kerry

Wednesday, November 24

Remembering Freddie

Today it's 19 years since Freddie Mercury moved on to the big stage in the sky. Since the weather here is cold and the roads are covered in snow and ice, take his advice and keep yourself alive. Drive carefully.

Tuesday, November 23

Today is a good day

I've been keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for some good news... and today I got them.

Monday, November 22


Brussels... lots of good food, meetings and beautiful buildings. I ate four desserts in three days, drank one Belgian beer and spent the rest of my money on art books.

another meeting...
There was a lot of meetings in various offices.

We had a pretty full schedule with meetings at the European Parliament, the European Comission and other such places. Some were interesting, some were an experience and one meeting involving a German was... well, I guess you had to be there.

There was a lot of street art and beautiful architecture. I saw quite a few murals and contemporary art next to cathedrals, beautiful old buildings and one or two good-looking contemporary buildings. I stumbled a lot, because I was looking at architecture and not at the uneven parts of the pavement.

Street Art
Near the parliament.

art nouveau
Gorgeous art nouveau building that houses a museum of musical instruments.

funky building
Funky building - it's ugly and yet it's not.

And then there was the food. I had everything from spaghetti puttanesca in a small Italian restaurant to the Belgian classic moules frites at Chez Vincent. And did I mention the four desserts in three days? But the highlight was dinner at a Moroccan place called Kashbah.

Remains of a delicious dinner at Kashbah.

We shared a huge platter of meze as a starter, then there was a huge tagine filled with vegetables followed by sorbet and Moroccan mint tea for dessert. They even had a belly dancer.

We also checked out the Magritte museum and I found a lovely art book in a graffiti shop called Montana Gallery. And yes, there was Belgian chocolate too...

More photos on flickr.

Saturday, November 20

From Brussels with love

I'm in Brussels on a business trip. Lots of meetings in various EU offices, good food and two languages. This city has some truly beautiful buildings and lots of pavements that could use a little mending. A rather dangerous combination for a girl like me...

More photos and details will be posted as soon as I get back home to my computer.

Monday, November 15

Grey Skies Turn Blue

The last few weeks have been tough. I've made some major changes in my life and had more downs than ups. But I'm lucky to be surrounded by great friends who have been everything from shoulders to cry on, personal assistants and drivers to cheerleaders and life coaches.

My grey skies are slowly turning blue...

Sunday, November 14

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day in Sweden. My dad passed away just before my 13th birthday.

He worked as a dentist but had his own recording studio and installed stereos in his spare time. That's how he met my mother. They had seen each other around the dental school in Malmö where they both studied. My dad used to DJ at parties, that's how mum knew who he was.

My grandparents got a stereo installed, and then mum decided to get one too. But dad had forgotten a cable so he had to come back to mum's place the next day. And the next day there was something else that didn't work... Dad had some smooth moves.

I've inherited my passion for music and my tech skills from my dad. Mom thinks that manuals are part of the packaging and tends to throw them out before reading them, and then calling me because she can't get her new computer/TV/stereo to work.
Every time I ask "And what have you done with the manual?" her reply is always "You're so much like your father. That's exactly what he always said".

Happy Father's Day Dad. You left way too soon.

Dad in his studio, early 1980's.

"feel a sadness burning in my heart, you left too early father love"

Friday, November 12

Pendleton photo shoot

We're stocking men's shirts from Pendleton at the HepCat Store so Rob asked me to drop by and take some photos. It's been a while since I did a photo shoot for the shop, because we now have a studio and studio photography is not really my thing. I prefer to work with natural light and real people in real settings.
The rusty old back door to the garage is a perfect backdrop for photos. If we ever leave Saint 21 that door is coming with us.

The proper photos will make their way to sometime next week, but here are ones you probably won't see in the webshop. The fun ones.

Micke and Tony in action


Ehm... is there coffee on my face?

More photos on flickr.

Tuesday, November 9

Waltz #2

Nothing soothes a worried soul like Elliott Smith.

Monday, November 8


Yesterday was one of those lovely fall days when sky looks beautiful and the light is just right for photography for a couple of hours. It's gotten really cold outside so wearing my converse might not have been the best idea, especially as I was walking in wet grass and crouching in bushes in the St Lars park.

Classic Fall Photo

I just liked this little guy.

By Saint 21
Pretty sky over Saint 21.

Sunday, November 7

ggmcph - Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen

16 hours of non-stop activity, 150 fantastic women and one amazing event. The first Geek Girl Meetup in Copenhagen was a success! I met so many amazing women.

Geek Girl
Geek Girl ponytail

I got out of bed at 5.45, packed the last stuff for the showroom and headed to the train station with 200 CDs from HepTown Records on my bike. Which would have been a lot easier if it wasn't raining... And as a bonus Skånetrafiken cancelled my train, making me late. Grrr...

I made it to Iværksætterhuset after a very brisk walk through Nørrebro, passing several lovely bakeries on an empty stomach. Who says I have no strength of character?

ggmcph lakrids
Good thing we had a sponsor who gave us licorice covered in chocolate and gold dust...

We got the showroom set up during the first unconference session and workshops, starting with the clothes swap. We asked all geek girls to bring clothes they don't use anymore. They got a token for each item they brought, and could exchange that token for something from the swap table later on. It was fun to see that a lot of stuff changed owners during the day.

ggmcph clothes swap
clothes swap

The lovely Camille organised a craft corner with embroidery, bead work and jewellery design that proved to be very popular. There was a lot of networking, talking and planning while working on earrings and robots.

We'd also borrowed a playstation move from Nordisk Film, and the game start the party! was perfect for our showroom. Fun and easy to get the hang of. Saving chickens and zapping ghosts were my favourites.

ggmcph crafts
craft table

ggmcph playstation move
Henriette has a go on the playstation move.

There were some amazing talks and workshops, but as an organizer I didn't really have time to sit down and enjoy them. I plan to catch up via bambuser later today.
What was amazing was listening to the buzz and the talking, networking and planning that was going on everywhere. Knowing that I played a small part in making all that happen is an amazing feeling.

I also got the chance to do a small workshop on how to turn a t-shirt into a tank top and be quiz master for the geek pop quiz that finished the evening.
I'm really proud that all the food was vegetarian and the leftovers were given to charity, as were all the clothes left over from the swap.

Heading home...

It was a very happy geek girl with sore feet that headed back home to Sweden at the end of the day. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, especially at night.

See more photos from Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen on flickr.

Friday, November 5

From Rascal

Just got a package of lovely hair flowers from Rascal. I ordered the combs and she threw in two extra flowers. Thanks dear!

Nothing brightens up a day at the office like having flowers delivered.

From Rascal
Flowers in the window.

Thursday, November 4

Emergency Rations

I keep a supply of emergency rations at my desk. Because you never know when hunger is gonna strike or when you need to motivate your co-workers with sugar. Or when you're gonna be a scatterbrain and forget all about breakfast until you're at your desk and starving.

Emergency Rations
Yum... and it's all organic.

For some reason the stuff I bake seems to vanish from this drawer when I'm not looking...

Tuesday, November 2

The Cove

I watched The Cove on TV tonight. A great documentary about the dolphin and whaling industry in Japan. If you're in Sweden you can check it out on SVT Play.

Loved the story of Ric O'Barry, the man who trained the five dolphins that played Flipper in the original tv-series. In doing so helped create the demand for dolphins as entertainment, an industry that captures wild dolphins for use in theme parks. Ric O'Barry is now an activist working to release dolphins from captivity and end the slaughter in Japan.

"I spent ten years building that industry up, and I spent the last thirty-five years trying to tear it down."

Sea Shepherd is also keeping an eye on Taji.


I gave a talk on social media for a business network today so I had to smarten up a bit. When in doubt I wear Ben Sherman. It's classic and their stuff fit me really well. Wore a cardigan because it's raining and freezing cold here.

I haven't felt this preppy since my preppy phase* in the late 90's and the less said about that the better. I'm just happy that camera phones and social media wasn't around back then.

Preppy punky

*I also had a skate girl phase and bright red hair at one point. My teenage years were confusing.

Sunday, October 31


This morning I woke up and realized I had no breakfast in the house. So I dug out my old cookbook from 1963. It's the best cookbook I've ever owned.

Turned to page 450 and looked up the recipe for scones.

It's easy... really. It takes 5 minutes to make them and then 10 minutes in the oven.


And they taste really good with a little butter and jam.