Monday, June 28

Ruth Brown

Because I sometimes dress in vintage clothes, wear my hair in 1940s styles and like mid-century modern design, some people assume that I would like to live in the era of housewives, classic cars and sock hops.
I don't. Oh, I would love to go back in time on the mother of all shopping trips but I'm very happy living in the 21st century. Embracing the look of an era is not the same thing as embracing the values of that time.

But I love the look and the energy of the rock n roll pioneers. I find the same energy and rebellion in big band swing, early rock n roll and punk. And all women weren't shrinking violets in the 1940s and 1950s. Just look at Miss Rhythm herself, Ruth Brown.

If that performance isn't kick ass I don't know what is. So if you're expecting a woman who'll stay at home and cook or mend your clothes, keep moving. This girl has gone rockin'.

Wednesday, June 23

Summer Playlist

It's a bright sunny day in Sweden and I'm in the mood for some punk n roll. Here are some of the bands I'm listening to right now;

If you have Spotify you can check out my summer playlist, as always it's a work in progress.

Tuesday, June 22

A West Coast Wedding

There was a royal wedding on Saturday and on Sunday we drove 4 hours up to Smögen on the Swedish west coast for a family wedding.
Andy's brother Mathias and his Anna got married on the Swedish west coast, after being engaged for 14 years.
Hållö is a small island with a lighthouse, a chapel, a hostel and not much else. You can only get there by boat, and it felt a little strange to dress up and hop on the open air ferry.

Hållö. Smögen in the background.

After the ceremony.
Mathias and Anna with their kids Victor (picking up rice) and Tove.

I wore my Stop Staring sailor dress and vintage Pendelton coat and navigated the rocky island in heels. I like to look classy, even in tough conditions. I had plans to do something with my hair, but no amount of pomade or hairspray would have kept it in place for more than a few minutes so I decided not to bother.
I did change into jeans and sneakers for the boat trip after dinner, mainly because it was cold and windy.

Bella and me posing outside the hostel where the party was held.
Note my heels.

The weather didn't look too good when we first headed out to Hållö, but the sun came out after the ceremony and the evening was beautiful. Instead of dancing we went on a boat trip along the coast after dinner. When I first heard about it I thought it was a little odd, but it turned out to be a wonderful idea.

11 pm, waiting for the ferry back to the mainland. Can you see the moon?

Sunset. The propeller is part of a plane that crashed on Hållö during WWII.

The west coast is stunningly beautiful in the summer. I wish we could have stayed a little while longer, but I had to get back to work.

Saturday, June 19

A Royal Wedding

There's a royal wedding happening in Sweden right now. Crown Princess Victoria married her man of the people, who is now Prince Daniel.

I watched the wedding with my grandparents. My sister brought an unofficial wedding cake and a box of the wedding chocolate.

Cake. With a crown. Note the Swedish flags on the napkins.

My grandmother has very strong opinions about tradition. She loved Danish Queen Margarete's dress but hated the archbishop's speech. I wasn't too crazy about that speech either.

I think my grandfather enjoyed the cake and hanging out with two of his grandkids more than anything else.

Friday, June 18

This One Sums Up My Week

This week has been an emotional roller coaster. There was some of this, a little of this one and thankfully there was a lot of this.
And finally, some of this.

I think Shelter sums it up rather nice. Well, them and H2O.

What song sums up your week?

Wednesday, June 16

We Call It Work

Sometimes we escape the office for an all day conference. But we rarely get to spend the day at a place like Ystad Saltsjöbad on a beautiful summer day.

And on the way there I ran into Jhonny Bratpack whom I haven't seen for ages. We were at the station and looking for a taxi when I thought I saw him and I was right. Jhonny is a taxi driver so he drove me and my colleagues to the conference.

We also ran into Jake from the Headlines at the station. Funny, you don't see people for ages and then you run into two of them at once.

Work meeting after a tough game of boule. And beer.

I splashed about in the water for so long my feet ached when they warmed up. Oh well.

Tuesday, June 15

Fear and Hope

It's funny... I spent a large part of my youth feeling alone. I had friends, I was social, I liked school for the most part. But I didn't feel like I truly belonged anywhere.

That insecurity followed me for years. Don't get me wrong; I was happy. I was loved. When a new girl came to my class I made sure to help her out and make her feel welcome.
But every now and then I heard that little voice that said "what if I wake up tomorrow and all my friends have moved on" or "what if they prefer each other and I'm just here because they pity me".

Looking back, I think I kept to myself because I was scared. Beeing a teenager and still figuring out who I was didn't help either.

I don't know if I got tired of being scared or simply decided to take a chance somewhere in my 20s. But when I started to ask for help when I needed it, dared to be weak and stopped hiding my insecurities I started to make really close friends.

When I started talking about things that were hard or upset me, friends started to share their own troubles. And knowing that you're not alone is a great feeling.
Relationships with friends can change over time, and sometimes that change hurts. But that's OK. I prefer honesty, even when it hurts.

I now have a handful of friends that I can talk to even if it's 3 am and my world is falling apart. They know who they are, and I hope they feel that I'm here for them too.

True friends love you despite all your faults and insecurities. I love getting older and more comfortable in my own skin.

That insecure young girl is still a part of me. And she is delighted every time she feels that she belongs.

Friday, June 11

Summer? Are you there?

Does anyone know where the summer went? Sure, the days are longer and the snow is gone... but something is missing. Like warm weather and sunshine.

I don't wanna wear boots and thick sweaters, I wanna wear summer clothes and sunglasses.
And it's not just the clothes... All the rain, grey skies and damp fog is making me tired and gloomy. I'm beginning to feel like I live in the kind of town that is popular with vampires...

By the way, Mika's "Rain" is the best video I've seen in a long time.

Saturday, June 5

Running Wild

I'm watching an old movie tonight, Running Wild from 1955. Andy bought it at a car show a few years ago, but we've never gotten around to watching it.

Andy likes the cars, I love the dancing and Mamie van Doren looking fabulous in her ponytail.

Awesome poster.

Tall poster.

Oh come on, she looks nothing like Mamie!

From now on I want all my press photos to look like this.

Royal Beer

A lot of my friends are in this Danish ad for Royal Beer. The Cardinals are the rockabilly gang doing push-ups and racing, Jimmy shows of some dance moves and Sweet Amanda is shaking her stuff at the end of the video.

Fun fact: the guy who polishes his boots in the beginning is Marcus. I've never seen him wear anything on his feet other than those boots.