Sunday, October 31


This morning I woke up and realized I had no breakfast in the house. So I dug out my old cookbook from 1963. It's the best cookbook I've ever owned.

Turned to page 450 and looked up the recipe for scones.

It's easy... really. It takes 5 minutes to make them and then 10 minutes in the oven.


And they taste really good with a little butter and jam.

Saturday, October 30

At the beach

Had a great afternoon at the beach with Mom, my sister and Pax. It's too cold to go swimming but the beach is beautiful at this time of year. I grew up by the sea and I know my way around a lot of places here, which comes in very handy when it gets dark early.

Maria and Pax

Mom and Pax.

And because it's Halloween - it's time to watch Nightmare Before Christmas and eat candy.

Friday, October 29

Gaslight Anthem at KB or why I love social media

Dragged my tired self to KB last night to check out Gaslight Anthem. They were great live and they played two songs I requested on twitter!

Gaslight Anthem. I kinda wish I'd brought my system camera.

Singer Brian Fallon actually checks his twitter before soundcheck to see if there are any requests for the show that night. So I asked for two of my favourites, Wherefore art thou, Elvis? and Señor and the Queen, both are from the EP Señor and the Queen.

On the train home I said thank you for a great show and nearly fell out of my seat when I got a reply within seconds.

Brian Fallon can be found on twitter as @briangaslight

I streamed parts of the gig via bambuser. I've had some run-ins with the security at KB about bringing my camera, so I left it at home. The light was great and would have made some great shots, but in the end it was nice to simply watch the show and enjoy being in the moment.

Wednesday, October 27


Got two new books in the mail today, Tattoo Darling and Tattoo Mystique. Both are art books by tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp.

Mmm... art books.

I love her art and her take on old school tattoos. It might just inspire me to get another tattoo...

Sweet Heaven

Sailor's Sweetheart


Better Times


Tuesday, October 26

Pretty Tuesday

My hair has gotten way too long, so I headed down to Big Hair Mama to let my friend Yen work her magic on my hair.


It's always fun at Big Hair Mama, I chill out as soon as I walk through the door. The salon just gets nicer and nicer every time I drop by.

Yen. Badass dancer, baker and hairdresser.

We decided to cut off a good 10 cm of my hair, because it was way too long and it grows like crazy. My ponytail needed shape and bounce again! But it does feel short... to me.

Damn, don't I look serious?

A new haircut is a terrible thing to waste, so I met up with Malin for dinner at Mello Yello. They have heaters on Lilla Torg, so we ate outside. Two health nuts (other Malin works at a fitness magazine and works out even more than me) indulging in fish soup and sinful amounts of garlic bread and parmesan bread. We even had dessert. Hey, it's only Tuesday once a week.

Malin #2

Posing. I ain't good at it.

Monday, October 25

My Milk Toof

If you've never seen My Milk Toof you've missed one of the best things in the blogosphere. And one of the cutest...


Check out the story Wee Scary Teef and get in the mood for Halloween. And check out the entire blog while you're there. All the stories are amazing.
My Milk Toof

Sunday, October 24

Guess who's playing?

The Gaslight Anthem are coming to KB in Malmö on Thursday! I've only had my ticket since July...
More details on the gig here.

Saturday, October 23

J.Tex Duo at Metro

Went to Metro last night for some good food with friends and to see J.Tex and Frank play live. Lots of people turned up despite the rain, so it was a good thing Dan booked us a table. He's in charge of all our reservations from now on.

Jtex at Metro4
Dan is always ready with the camera.

Jtex at Metro2
Rob - always a charmer.

Jtex at Metro10
Frank and Jens.

It got really crowded during the second set but when most of that crowd is friends I don't really mind. It was a good Friday night. More photos on flickr.

Thursday, October 21


Being at the gym makes me think of the opening from the tv-series Fame, the part where Debbie Allen goes "you got big dreams, you want fame... well fame costs, and right here is where you start paying. In sweat."

I'm not sure I want fame, but working out on a regular basis has made me feel so much better. My back pain is almost gone and work doesn't stress me out as much.
If someone had told me six months ago that I'd be working out this much and enjoying it I wouldn't have believed them. I may even have called them crazy.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna get for all that sweat...

Monday, October 18

Proud to be a geek girl

On Saturday night somebody asked me if I was cool about hanging with a bunch of geeks. I told them that not only was I cool with it, I'm organising an all-girl geek meetup.

I installed the first computer my mother bought, I loved my 8-bit Nintendo and traded bootleg tapes and mixtapes with people I met on the Dandy Warhols mailing list back in the 90's, long before online forums and etsy. I love the possibilities, the information and the friends I've made with the help of the web.

My first geek girl meetup was in Helsingborg a few months ago. I left that day with new inspiration, new connections and a good feeling. The whole event was about sharing, listening and networking.
Let's face it - geek girls are cool. We're smart, we help each other out and we get things done.
If you're coming to ggmcph on November 6th you'll see for yourself.

100 women signed up for Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen in a few days and our waiting list got so long that we decided to find a way to include 50 additional geek girls.

Saturday, October 16

This morning...

I woke up in my house in Småland. It was cold and I didn't want to get up. My sister had made tea and told me to get up. I still didn't want to. Then she told me that there was frost on the trees and the grass and everything looked really beautiful. So I got up.

View from my window.

The house in the morning sun.

We drove up to Småland last night and I'd forgotten how dark it gets in the countryside this time of year. I guess I'm a city girl and used to street lights everywhere.
I'd also forgotten how bright the stars are out here when the weather is clear like last night. Really beautiful.

We visited my grandmother and her cats. Maria at the kitchen table.

It's good to be a cat here.

Friday, October 15

"Do you remember when you were young and you wanted to set the world on fire?"

Great song by Aganist Me! that some think is too pop to be a rock song.
I remember being young and wanting to set the world on fire. Do you?

Tuesday, October 12

I looked up

On my way home, after a rough day, I looked up at the sky. And then I heard this strange sound and saw a figure in the sky.

Lund - as the sun sets

Looked like someone with a parachute driven by a propeller. Just when you think you've seen everything...

Sunday, October 10


10/10 2010... and all we got was fog.

Dimma i Malmö
On my way to Malmö C.

Saturday, October 9

By Popular Demand

My co-workers have asked me to make these for quite some time now... so I guess it was time for another batch of Fleur's chocolate and peanut butter swirl.

First you melt white chocolate and dark chocolate separately.

Then you add some peanut butter to the white chocolate and stir until smooth.

Pour the melted goodness into a cake tin. Then let it cool and set in the fridge.

Once it's solid I chop it up into tasty little pieces.

It's yummy and really bad for you. Good thing I finally found a new pair of gym shoes because it's impossible to only eat one piece...
You can get the full recipe at Diary of a Vintage Girl.

Friday, October 8


Today is a good day. Because somebody with the power to arrange good days told me so.

Wednesday, October 6

October - the month of Halloween

It's almost Halloween aka the best holiday of the year. Time for pumpkins, monster cookies, marshmallow ghosts and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. And for wearing t-shirts with happy ghosts to the office.


Have I mentioned that I love Jacob Mantia's art? It's just so wonderfully eerie and warm at the same time. Check out his blog at

Samhain Afternoon by Jacob Mantia


And they say wishes don't come true... Yesterday BoySetsFire announced that they are reuniting.

I never got the chance to see them live back in the day, so I'm hoping for some tour dates near me. Getting to hear "my life in the knife trade" and "rookie" live would be a great Christmas present.

Tuesday, October 5

Get up, get up, turn that ignition!

Jimmy Eat World - the band that makes the world seem like a good place again. Bleed American has dragged me out of so many scary, dark places by promising that there is hope and good things still to come. It just takes a little time when you're in the middle of the ride.

Big Casino gives me that same good feeling.

Rock on young saviour, don't give up your hopes.

Monday, October 4

Mama I'm a busy, busy bee

Is it Monday again? Where did the weekend go? It feels I just left the office and now I'm back again.
Anyway, dropped by TattooExpo in Malmö after work on Friday to say hi to Adam and listen to the buzzing of tattoo machines and the sweet sound of J.Tex.

Nice to see you too, Adam.

Christian was working too, in his Saint 21 tee, Pike Brothers jeans and suspenders. Looking sharp!

Adam did some work too.

And then I headed home to drop my bags and pick up my camera before going to Mejeriet. We run a punk club called 1000 Punks and my friends The Headlines were playing.

The Headlines. More photos on flickr.

I left early to walk their drummer to the train station and headed home to edit some photos. And by editing some photos I mean I stared at the screen, looked at old music videos on YouTube and fell asleep way too late.

Woke up early on Saturday to head to Skivarp where my Mom is the vicar. Saturday was the big local event in Skivarp, the potato market. I ate waffles, bought some homemade jam and had a good time with Pax.

Pax. Probably the best dog in the world.

That evening I finally got around to editing my photos from Friday. I was supposed to head to Copenhagen for Cherry Overdrive's release party but the week caught up with me and I stayed in. Watched a couple episodes of Whale Wars instead.

Got up early on Sunday and headed to the gym. I started working properly out a month or so ago and it's the best thing I've done in a long time. And I never thought I'd say something like this, but everything feels better after I've worked out.

Saturday, October 2

The Headlines @ 1000 Punks

My friends The Headlines played live at 1000 punks yesterday. I went to almost all their shows in the early days but I haven't seen them play in a while.
This week has been crazy but I dragged myself from the couch and headed to Mejeriet with my camera and got there in the middle of their set. I was exhausted so I have no idea what settings I used, I just worked by instinct.

The Headlines; CC, Peter, Jake and Kerry.

Check out the set on flickr. I'm surprised they turned out this good, the small stage at Mejeriet has crap lighting and both me and the camera were running out of battery.

Friday, October 1

Pimping my ride

I've pimped my ride, hoping that it will be easier to locate at the train station and in the parking garage at the new office.

Sticker from Papa Bear's Sleazy Tees.

Stickers from Dice and Levin's Pomade.

Ain't she a beauty?

This bike is a 1970's Monark that used to belong to my Mother. I brought it back to life with new tires and a new saddle a year or so ago when my other bike was stolen.

I think it needs more stickers. What do you think?