Sunday, January 30

What a good dinner will get you

Had a great weekend and managed to fit in a few hours of work, a movie and dinner with my sister at a great Japanese restaurant. And that was just Saturday.

Today I met up with Rob and Von Sven at IKEA after my yoga class. Rob needed some things for the shop and I needed a new bookshelf. There was hardly anyone else there, so our shopping trip went smoother than expected.
I invited the boys for dinner, which meant I had help carrying my stuff up to my apartment and got my bookshelf assembled while I was in the kitchen. It's amazing what a good dinner can get you.

Two tattooed guys with phones, discussing vintage candy.
Dessert was an assortment of chocolate and handmade caramel.

Rob got a little restless while the food was in the oven, so he put up my bathroom shelf too. My Saint 21 crew rule, that's why I spoil them with cookies and chocolate fudge cake on a regular basis.

Finally in place!

Von Sven will be doing a pinstriping demo at the HepCat Store on Monday and Tuesday, so drop by if you're near Lund! Details here.

Friday, January 28


Well, well... this morning I blew a fuse when I used my kettle. I use it every morning, so I must have had one too many lamps switched on or something. Then a painting fell down and the frame got chipped. Bah.
Good thing I had an appointment with my chiropractor before work, because a few needles in my back and some adjusting of sore muscles was just what I needed.

Here's hoping the weekend will be good and next week will be awesome. And hoping that spring will come soon, I need warmer weather, longer days and hugs.

In the meantime there's always good songs written by cute punk boys, friends and chocolate.

Sunday, January 23

Diamond in the rough

Stopped by the HepCat Store on Friday and picked up Social Distortions latest album, Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes. Listened to it in the car on my way to Helltown and dinner with my friend Sandra.
It doesn't pack the same punch as their older records but there are some good tunes. My favourite is Diamond in the rough. Maybe because that's how I feel right now.

you're like a diamond in the rough
you're dirty and you're damaged
all you need is a little love
but inside there's a sparkle
that'll light the stars above

Wednesday, January 19

For those who are fighting old ghosts

Though the past, the unwanted memories, are holding onto you
All the power in the universe conspires to carry you
VNV Nation

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
Samuel Beckett

Your mistake does not define who you are. You are your possibilities.

Sunday, January 16

Sweet Sunday

A cosy brunch with my sister, coffee with Mom and a long walk with Pax. The snow is slowly melting and I don't have to shovel snow to get in and out of my parking space.

Pax and the disappearing snow.

I can't wait for spring... sunshine, flowers and longer days. But today proved that we're moving in the right direction. Since it's too cold for actual flowers to grow on my balcony I treated myself to this cupcake with flowers.


Wednesday, January 12

Some days

Some days you wake up and your back hurts for no good reason. Some days you pick up your bike from the train station where it's been sitting for weeks, only to trip and cut a hole in your favourite jeans on the way home.

Some days you find out that things aren't gonna happen they way you hoped that they would. Dreams turn into disappointments and that hurts.
Some days there's nothing to do but hope that everything happens for a reason. And bake cherry flapjacks while you're listening to Jimmy Eat World.

Flapjacks with cherries.

Sunday, January 9

Veggin' Out

I don't know if it's the new year or simply a craving for tofu, but I'm looking through my cookbooks, browsing recipes online and feel like making a mess in the kitchen.
BBC Good Food's veggie section was a pleasant surprise and I just rediscovered my copy of Vegan Cooking for animal lovers with the hardcore chef.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch the cute tattooed boy cook vegan food.
Who wants to come over for dinner next week?

Thursday, January 6

A Rather Curious Perch

Artist Jacob Mantia is having a contest where the prize is his painting "A Rather Curious Perch".

1st Prize

I've posted his artwork on my blog before, and here are some of my favourites.

Smoke If You Got Em'

Goat-Cub Lost In The Black Forest

Samhain Afternoon

You'll find Monsters & Kittens: The World Of Jacob Mantia on facebook.

Tuesday, January 4

I blame my instructor

One unforeseen hazard of going to the gym regularly is the music. My gym is better than most, but it's still a lot of eurodisco, house and the stuff you'd hear on commercial radio. It works at the gym, but those songs tend to stick... which is why I've been humming songs like this one. I blame my amazing indoor walking instructor Louise, she uses it in her class.
It's Det snurrar i min skalle (= it's spinning in my head) by Swedish group Familjen.

I've always had a soft spot for electronic music, but I prefer VNV Nation. If I ever start listening to Swedish House Mafia it's time to get me to rock n roll-rehab.

Monday, January 3

Going Green

Got a lovely green tea for Christmas. I'm not a big fan of green tea but this mint tea from French label Løv Organic is yummy. The contents really live up to the cute packaging.

Green goodness.

Sunday, January 2

Detroit Lives

Stumbled across this article on Detroit via twitter. It lead me to a documentary hosted by Johnny Knoxville, produced by shoe company Palladium boots.
First of all, the three-part documentary is worth watching. It features young entrepreneurs, artists and musicians who are building something new in a city that has been allowed to fall into a state of decay. I also like the message; the news are only showing you a small part of the truth, this city lives and there's a lot of good things happening.
In a city where the big chain stores have left, there's room for artists, mom and pop stores, urban farming and new ideas.

Exploring an abandoned building.

Second, I never knew Johnny Knoxville could actually be a good host. I never liked him in Jackass or the other stuff he's done. Detroit Lives is also really good branding by Palladium boots. And it's sparked my interest in the city. Check it out!

Once the fourth-largest metropolis in America—some have called it the Death of the American Dream. Today, the young people of the Motor City are making it their own DIY paradise where rules are second to passion and creativity. They are creating the new Detroit on their own terms, against real adversity. We put our boots on and went exploring.

You'll find the rest of the documentary here.