Tuesday, March 29

J.Tex at Klubb Peyote

J.Tex came over from Copenhagen to play at klubb peyote in Malmö tonight. Me and my buddy Dr Dan headed down to Klaffbron to enjoy some sweet americana-style country.

Our friend Martin aka DJ Undertaker was spinning records and Dr Dan found us some tasty nachos. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening... not bad at all.

J.Tex and the Volunteers featuring Andi Almqvist
J.Tex feat. Andi Almqvist

DJ Undertaker
DJ Undertaker

Dr Dan and his nachos.
Dr Dan and his lovely plate of nachos.

Sunday, March 27

From An Old Photo Album

I spent a lovely Sunday morning at my mother's house, enjoying a family brunch. Sunshine, daffodils, fresh air and a happy dog. Yup, spring is definitely in the air.

We looked thru an old photo album too. Lots of pictures of my mother as a baby and the family's first apartment in Vellinge. This first photo is from Dalagården, where my grandmother grew up.

"Gunvors favourite place on Dalagården."
My grandmother, my mother and Zenta the dog.

Grandma holding Mom in her christening gown.
Still from an educational movie on dairy production, featuring my grandfather.

My great-uncle Lasse, Mom and Möller.
This photo is 60 years old and mom and Lasse are still really close.

I've posted some photos from my father's side of the family here.

Thursday, March 24


He'll never know how much he means to me.
I'd play the game but I'm the referee.

Wednesday, March 23

Because I'm Worth It

My sister and I tried the food at raw food café Stunden in Malmö today. It was our first taste of raw food and we're definitely coming back for more.

Stunden has pizza and soup as well as raw food. Everything they serve is organic. We indulged in their chocolate cheesecake and a latte too. Because we're worth it.



My cooking skills are featured on my friend Malin's blog on iform.se, a Swedish fitness magazine. Read all about it!
If I'd known she was gonna take photos I'd have slapped on some eyeliner... at least my food is photogenic.

Malin's blog at iform.se

Tuesday, March 22

Look Book

We shot the latest stuff from Locals at the HepCat Store today. I took some behind the scenes photos with the FxCamera polaroid app. I really like the look book-feel of these polaroids.

Look book

Look book

Look book
Locals logo.

Look book

Look book
And my favourite. Maya, shopping for vinyl.

Maya's dad Tony is into hardcore and old school punk and watching them groove together is the cutest thing you ever saw. Punk kids make my heart melt.

More pics in the "Behind the scenes at the HepCat Store" set on flickr.

Monday, March 21

Safeways Here We Come

I've been grooving to Chixdiggit! for two days in a row. I still don't understand what kind of crazy haircut KJ is singing about in Swedish Rat but it's a great song. The Canadians have done it again.

Buy it.

And I almost crashed my car when I saw that KJ from Chixdiggit was talking to me on twitter... I didn't even know he was on twitter. So let that be a lesson, don't tweet and drive. Pop punkers might start talking to you.

If Chixdiggit are coming to anywhere near you, go see them! Sing along to Spanish Fever and tell them I sent you!

Sunday, March 20

See It!

I had tickets to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World at Fantastisk Filmfestival last year but I was too tired to go. I finally got around to watching it and it's one of the best things I've seen this year.

So go rent it, buy it or see it in a theatre. Don't just download it. Spending money on stuff you like is telling Hollywood you want more movies like this one.

Epic is the word.

Saturday in Malmö

Sunshine, a stroll along Möllevångstorget, buying lotus root and pocky cookies at the asian grocery store. Listening to the hustle and bustle of hipster kids and skaters hanging out next to ladies in headscarves who are shopping for groceries on the square.

I bought these because I loved the packaging.

Buying Wonder Woman lipgloss and listening to street musicians before meeting friends for coffee and taking a walk in the sunshine. Browsing for magazines, hats and buying a coffee mug simply because it had a camera pattern.

Street music.

Friday, March 18


Spent two days at a conference with my co-workers. I don't mind getting to know the people I work with, but all those hours of being surrounded by people are draining. Especially when they start drinking and get loud. A few hours of that is enough.

When the crowd moved on to the afterparty, that's when I headed back to my room with a book and re-charged my batteries.

Props from two of the three games we played to sort out the seating arrangements at dinner.
Pretty stoked about getting a Frank Sinatra song.

Tuesday, March 15

It Works

Had my annual asthma-check up today and it went really fu*king well. I'm at 122% of my predicted lung capacity.

My figures were good last year, before I stared working out. But this year my lung capacity has increased, and quite a bit. Lung capacity usually decreases slightly with every year, so my doctor was really happy with the results.
Forget losing weight and toning up, that's just a bonus. Improving my health like this is proof that working out makes me better and stronger. It feels good to kick a chronic disease in the butt.

Monday, March 14

I could really use a wish right now...

"when you're staring at that phone in your lap, and you're hoping but them people never call you back"

Sunday, March 13

So True

Legionnaire Army is the brainchild of Joe Moxley and Mike Herrera, frontman of MxPx and Tumbledown.

Friday, March 11

A Flamin' Socket

It was just another Friday night at the HepCat Store. I was getting ready to head home and Rob was eager to get out the door and pick up his girlfriend. We turned out the lights and Rob pulled a plug from the socket... and the plug went up in flames. The socket wasn't looking too good either.

This ain't how it's supposed to look.

So we made a few frantic phonecalls and got hold of our friend and electrician Martin. He graciously dropped what he was doing and came to our rescue.
We had to cut the power so he could work on the socket, but that also meant that we had to find a really long extension cord for the power drill and some light. Luckily, my phone comes with a pretty kickass flashlight.

Electricity by flashlight.

Turns out a power strip was the culprit... the heating fan is plugged in at the other end and Rob pulled the plug while the heating fan was still running. That probably what caused the power strip to overload and the plug to go up in flames.
Martin replaced the wall socket and we got rid of the busted power strip.

So if a wall socket starts to smoke or look burned... cut the power and get in checked out by a pro. Stuff like that can make entire buildings go up in flames.

Chillin' with a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Thursday, March 10


On March 10th 1997 Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired on American television for the first time. I'm celebrating with my own little mini-marathon tonight.

Buffy and Scoobies back in 1997.

Vampires, libraries, wit and women who kick ass on so many levels. Oh how I love this show.

Sunday, March 6

Swans and Elephants

I saw Black Swan this weekend. It was dark, scary and really good. Very brutal for a movie about ballet. But I also saw a trailer for upcoming movie "Water for Elephants". At first I thought it was a remake of "The Greatest Show on Earth" from 1952, but it's based on a recent book by Sara Gruen.

It's set in a travelling circus during the depression and it looks really good. Y'know, if you're into history and that sort of thing. Like me.
Reese Witherspoon is one of my favourite actresses so I'm looking forward to this movie. Maybe I should get the book and read it while I wait for "Water for Elephants" to come to Sweden?


Reese on horseback.

Saturday, March 5

Deuce of Spades

Finally got my hands on a copy of independent hot rod-movie Deuce of Spades. I liberated the copy we have at the HepCat Store over the weekend. It's good to know your merchandise and all that.

And the movie? It's clearly a low-budget, b-movie. But as far as hot rod movies go, it's clearly one of the better ones. Good story, good looking cars and some really good photography. And a movie that focuses on relationships, passion and good looking guys is a welcome addition to the rockabilly scene.
We've got thousands of pin up girls and we need something for the girls to look at too. And now we have proof that ladies can work on cars and look good in shorts at the same time. But I think it's much more fun to watch the hot guys with their shirts off doing the same thing...

Gas station. Hot rods like it here.


Yeah, there's love in it too.

Deuce of Spades.

Thursday, March 3

Hello Spring?

Does anyone know where spring is hiding? I'm sick of being cold... and this winter has been a lot longer and colder than usual. I need warmer weather, sunlight and love.

When you really, really need it the most, isn't that when rock n roll dreams are supposed to come through?