Wednesday, April 27


Boysetsfire and Bouncing Souls, two of my favourite bands, are coming to my hometown in August! They're playing at Malmöfestivalen so both gigs are free.

I saw Bouncing Souls at West Coast Riot two years ago and that gig was amazing. I've never seen Boysetsfire live, but Nathan Gray is one of my favourite vocalists so I have really high hopes for that gig. I'm still stoked that they reunited last year.

Monday, April 25


The weather is unusually warm for the season. I can't remember the last time I wore flip-flops outdoors on Easter Monday.

Roxy makes the best flip-flops.

Sunday, April 24

Red Riding Hood

I first read about this movie in Bust, where there was an interview with director Catherine Hardwicke. I was intrigued, and I bought the tickets before I even looked at the trailer.

I saw it tonight and I feel like it was money well spent. A good adaptation of the classic story that had me guessing until the end.

Detox... kind of

I've eaten an insane amount of sugar during Easter, so I made a fresh and simple lunch today. It's an adaptation of the nori wraps with orange cashew cream from Color Me Vegan.

Fresh and pretty. Alfalfa sprouts, beetroot, carrot, cabbage and avocado.

Wrap with extra orange cashew cream

I made the original recipe yesterday, but I wasn't too impressed with the nori I used. I remember using the same brand for sushi a while back, and it was pretty blah. I might give it a go again, but the leftover tortillas I had in my freezer was a good substitute.

It was my first attempt at cashew cream though, and I have to say it was far tastier than I would have imagined.

Saturday, April 23

Kustom Kutting

Cleaned out my camera and found these images from Kustom Kutting's latest visit to the HepCat Store. I haven't used the Nikon in a while but it's time to choose quality over convenience. Enough camera phone, more system camera!

Kustom Kutting
Patric in action.

Kustom Kutting
Trimming the sides.

Kustom Kutting
Duo. Patric and Sanna.

All photos from our back room have a slight orange tone. The floor is red with flakes and there's no direct sunlight in the room. The naked eye doesn't really see anything different from the front room, but the camera picks up on the difference.
Full set on flickr.

Friday, April 22

Good Friday

Had an early start, quite a long drive and breakfast at a gas station; coffee and some sort of tasty hybrid between a cinnamon bun and a doughnut.

The weather has been fabulous so we cooked and ate our lunch outside. The countryside ain't bad on days like this.

The best way to cook?

Chillin' in Småland
It's more moss than grass but who cares. It's pretty.

Wednesday, April 20

Treats at Big Hair Mama

My homegirl Yen isn't just a fab hairdresser, she gives her customers treats too.

Check out Big Hair Mama if you want to know more about the best organic hair salon in south Sweden.

Tea and dark chocolate.

Saturday, April 16


Self-portrait featuring the messiest part of my apartment in the background. Taken after a long and fun Saturday working at the HepCat Store during Record Store Day.
Two local bands played, our friends dropped by in their best cars and I sold a Rebel8 tee to a member of US ska band Toasters.
They're touring Europe at the moment and dropped by the shop on their way to Copenhagen.

All members of staff rocked limited edition "Popstad Lund" tees today.

If it ain't popstad Lund it ain't worth a fuck.

Friday, April 15


I'm trying something new this year. Growing rhubarb on the balcony. Hopefully there will be enough for one or two desserts in a few months time. Mmm... rhubarb pie.

Grow and be tasty!

Tuesday, April 12

I long for...

...summer, sunshine and the open road. I long for roadtrips in cars that are packed full of merch, sleeping bags, snacks and coffee. I don't mind working for hours; packing, driving, unloading and setting up, because I'm talking to new people and catching up with old friends.

I don't mind the long days and the endless summer nights. I don't mind living of junk food from gas stations and coffee, sleeping in the van or hiding the days earnings in dirty socks.
I love the music, the atmosphere, my friends and the feeling of being on the road.

Hello open road.


Why is it so easy to place your happiness in someone else's hands and so hard to get it back?

Sunday, April 10

Gone Swimming

What a fabulous Sunday! Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and my balcony is full of new plants. It's been so warm I've dug out my red spring jacket and my chucks.

Pax thought it was warm enough to go swimming. I didn't quite agree...

Pax went for a swim in the sea.

Walking in the sunshine.

Checking out some more water.

Saturday, April 9

Pizza, munchmallows and a movie

Had a homemade pizza with extra everything for dinner tonight. My sister makes the best pizza sauce ever. As you can see, we believe in using as many toppings as we can possibly make room for on a pizza.

Pizza - it's all veggie. Even the ham.

Dessert was fresh strawberries, pineapple chips and munchmallows in front of Buried. That movie felt so real I almost freaked out. It ain't for the faint of heart... I hope I don't have nightmares about sand.
As usual, Gizmo had the best seat in the house and watched most of the movie with us.

Gizmo has the best seat in the house.

I feel like baking

My grandparents are moving and they are donating a lot of their things to us grandchildren. I found these lovely cookbooks in the kitchen. They were all published by various cocoa and chocolate manufacturers in the 1930s and 1940s.

Vintage cookbooks
Doesn't it look delicious?

Friday, April 8

Trying to make it right

Why do the words that really matter never come out right? I might be going about this the wrong way, when all I really wanna do is make it right.

Maybe I should call. Maybe I should just leave you alone.

When I try and close my eyes, your voice is all I hear
I will think of you tonight

Thursday, April 7

I was wrong

I'm human and sometimes I make mistakes. I'm sorry and it was never my intention to hurt someone I care about.

Monday, April 4


Hello world. Meet Ella, the latest branch on my family tree. She's seven weeks old and lives in a house by the sea. She likes to take short naps, eat and keep and eye on what's going on around her.

I've known Ella's mother and her two aunts for decades. We're cousins you see. I was more or less the same age as Ella is now when I first met her mother.

Ella and Lisa
Ella and her mother.

Friday, April 1


Nothing says Friday like pastry in the shape of a happy frog. These guys can be found in most Swedish bakeries and cafés.