Tuesday, May 31

War of the Worlds

If you haven't seen War of the Worlds (1953) you should check it out on a rainy summer afternoon. It is so much better than the Steven Spielberg version.

Monday, May 30


Today I did something I never thought I'd do... I went and bought myself a pair of running shoes. They are asics, they are purple and they were on sale. It was simply meant to be.


I went for a short run when I got home and so far it was really fun to run outdoors. And I used to hate running when I was in school. Come to think of it, I've never liked running. But now I'm thinking... maybe it might even be fun?

Sunday, May 29

Night of Rain and Traffic Lights

View from my homegirl Malin's kitchen last night.

Saturday, May 28

Captain T

Captain T is up to something and he refuses to tell me what it is...
Check out the shenanigans of Captain T and his partner in crime (and romance) Captain M at Soul Crap Syndicate.

Captain T

Wednesday, May 25

Monday, May 23


I found this piece of vintage fabric in the basement of my house in Småland last summer. I couldn't decide what to do with it, so I just stuck it in a plastic bag and forgot about it. Somehow that plastic bag ended up in my kitchen and that's when I figured out what to do with it.
With a lot of help from my sister and her sewing machine, the fabric was transformed into a curtain.

In progress

Ta-daah! Pardon my ugly lamp and my mess.

Sunday, May 22

Sneak preview

I picked up a dress I ordered for a family wedding. It's been custom made so it fits like a dream and all the details are just the way I wanted them to be.

Dress from local designer Tekla.

Sunday, May 15

I carried a watermelon

I was in the mood for a classic tonight so I watched Dirty Dancing. I have watched this movie so many times in the past two decades that I know it by heart.
I've had many "I carried a watermelon" moments, but I haven't learned to dance the mambo. But trust me, when my Johnny Castle comes along I'm willing to learn.

And it got me thinking... are there any teen movies from the last ten years that are as good as Dirty Dancing is?

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Wednesday, May 11


Went to a glamorous event at an old theatre yesterday. When I saw these amazing chandeliers I thought of a certain musical...

This is what I call atmosphere.

And because I'm me, here's a great version of a song from that famous musical. You can find my favourite version of the original here.

I remember a documentary about a theatre that used old Victorian theatre tricks to make their production of Phantom look absolutely stunning. Those old school mechanical tricks are often so clever and simple, much more impressive than any hightech CGI. And they look like a lot more fun to operate.

Sadly, there wasn't a phantom in sight at yesterday's event. Just some authors, glamorous women and complimentary wine. And we got some pretty sweet goodiebags too.

There's an interview going on down there.

Sunday, May 8

View from the backseat of a '49 Chevy

Went for a ride in Dan's '49 Chevrolet yesterday. The weather was perfect for riding around town in this old beauty.
I must get my act together and start bringing my Nikon with me instead of relying on my phone...

Dan behind the wheel.

Dan and Lisette

Ain't she pretty?

More photos on flickr.

Wednesday, May 4

May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!

If you want more Star Wars tomfoolery check out Eddie Izzard's "Death Star Canteen" in lego.

Sunday, May 1

Skate or die

Shut up and get rad because now it's time to skate or die!


Yesterday was Valborg, the last day of April. We celebrate the end of winter with bonfires, outdoor picnics and alcohol. I had a great day with bikes, sunshine and good friends.

Rode down to Bike Line for their HD event on Dr Dan's purple Harley.

Sparkly helmet from Loser Machine. Safety first!

The shop was there too.

Later that day we got a ride into town in style in a '66 Mustang.

Picnic in the park!

Jimmy on guitar.