Thursday, June 30

Social Distortion and Frank Turner at Vega

Went to Copenhagen yesterday and had a lot of fun. Frank Turner and Social Distortion played at Vega. Awesome gig, awesome time in the company of friends.

On the train...
On the train.

Behind Rickhard...
Who's that behind Rickard? Doesn't he sing in some band? Like Volbeat?

Frank Turner
Frank Turner. Awesome.

Protect your ears
Protect your ears at rock gigs!

Social Distortion
Social Distortion!

Mike Ness
He's got the machine gun blues...

Social Distortion
Social Distortion.

Mike Ness
Mike on guitar.

The full set of photos in on flickr. All photos are taken with an HTC Desire using Vignette and FxCamera.

Wednesday, June 29


I took a great photo at work yesterday. Well, I took several great photos but there is always one that stands out. Connections are amazing when you can capture them with the camera.

Anna-Maria gives diver and firefighter Peter a peptalk before the live broadcast of a children's tv-show.

The firefighters were guests on a popular morning show for kids on national tv. It's broadcasted live from a boat in Malmö. Two of our rescue divers were guests on the boat, picked up stuff from the sea and talked about water safety. They were warm and nervous but did a great job.

The full set of photos can be found on flickr.

Sunday, June 26

Grandma's Bike

Went for a ride on my grandmother's old bicycle today. The weather was perfect for biking around my old neighbourhood by the sea. This area is beautiful in the summer and in many ways I was lucky to grow up here.

Bike on the road.

View from the bike.

I'm not big on the colour orange, but Grandma's old bike can get away with it.

Friday, June 24

Wedding Present

My little sister got married a few weeks ago and she was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. I was the bridesmaid and a very proud older sister.

This is what I got the newly-weds as a wedding present. It's a custom made bowl with their initials and the date of their wedding on the bottom. The bowl and the birds come in a variety of colours so I choose a combination that I hoped would appeal to the couple.

It's created by Tasha McKelvey and I'm very happy with my purchase. The bowl was even better than I imagined when I ordered it. You'll find her etsy shop here.

Lovebirds on a pale green bowl.

More lovebirds.

The bottom has the couple's initials and the date of their wedding.

Sunday, June 19

Times Like These

"I'm a little divided - do I stay or run away, leave it all behind?"

Tuesday, June 14


I was looking thru an old box of photos from school when I found these images of my cat Lakris. I had him from the day he was born and I loved that cat. I used to walk around with him draped around my shoulders like a feather boa.

Lakris was really sweet around me and around the house but he got into quite a few fights with other cats and even a few dogs. He won most of those fights and even survived a broken tail.
Rest in peace my cuddly little fighter.


He's sitting on the balcony of our old apartment on the third floor.

Monday, June 13

It's pink but I like it

I've got a thing for string furniture and I won this little set of two bowls and a stand at an online auction last week. I was the only bidder so I got it at a good price.

I'm not really a fan of pink, but this set is fine. And when I unpacked it I noticed that it matches my tablecloth prefectly.

Ceramic bowls with string stand.

Sunday, June 12


Dating confuses the hell outta me. When I find something I want, I tend to go after it. But that doesn't seem to work in this game... You're supposed to keep busy, date at least three people at once and keep everything open. That doesn't work for me.

When I find someone I like I wanna give it a shot, focus on that person and see what happens. I guess I'm an old-fashioned romantic that way.
I respect those who are honest and choose to tell the truth, even it's not what I want to hear. It's called being cruel to be kind, and it is infinitely better than any white lie. Even when the truth hurts.

Wednesday, June 8

Have you seen my monkey?

I've just come back from two great days at a castle. Yeah, we have a few of them scattered about the countryside down here but this one has a really great restaurant too.
I was there for a great workshop about equality that is a requirement for all employees.

We had to introduce ourselves by drawing a vehicle, a plant, an animal and a performer/artist that said something about who we are. I drew a monkey and I think it turned out rather cute.

I have nothing bad to say about this view.

Monday, June 6

In case you're wondering where I've gone...

My sister got married this weekend and the weather has been fabulous, so I've been doing a lot of this during the past two days.

Yeah, summer is definitely here.