Friday, July 29

Mode utan midja

Where do you go when the weather is crap? To a museum!
Dropped by Malmö museer today and checked out their exhibition "Mode utan midja" (fashion without waist) about the 1920s woman and her clothes.

They are showing some fabulous dresses and accessories from the museums collections as well as portraits and photographs. Drop by if you can, it's well worth a visit. Didn't manage to get any photos of the dresses but here are some snapshots from the exhibition.

Mode utan midja
Mode utan midja - fashion without waist

Mode utan midja
Ad for Philips radio.

Mode utan midja
1920s vaccum cleaner. The AEG Vampyr.

Mode utan midja
Curling iron and cosmetics.

Mode utan midja
Vogue cover.

rhubarb crumble
Rhubarb crumble and ginger ale at Slottsträdgårdens café.

Ehm yes... that last photo is not from the exhibition but from our tasty lunch at Slottsträdgårdens café. All the food is organic and you can eat outside or in the greenhouse.

Thursday, July 28

Christmas in July

No I haven't lost my mind, I've simply stocked up on Christmas cards early this year. Notorious Kitsch is sadly going out of business and they are offering a 15% discount on everything.
Their webshop will close on July 31st, so hurry up and shop!

I also picked up this fab little alarm clock and a vintage style tablecloth that matches my kitchen curtains perfectly.

Tuesday, July 26


I watched Priest a few days ago and I really liked Paul Bettany's performance and the look of this movie. A bit more graphic and dark than the movies I normally go for but I liked the art direction and the sets. And bikes that run on solar power? Brilliant.
Curious? Check out the trailer here.


Movie still

Movie still

Movie still

Sunday, July 24

RIP Amy Winehouse

British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in Camden, London yesterday. It's a shame that such a talented performer never found her way out of the prison that is addiction. Club 27 did not need another member.

Guardian has a good obituary and a few other articles about Amy Winehouse such as Amy Winehouse: a creative inspiration for young female artists.

Saturday, July 23

A Walk in the Woods

I went for a walk in the woods today to check on my trees. The trees looked good but I only found two blueberries where there should have been plenty. But at least they were tasty.

We found a handful of Chanterelles too, even though it's a little early in the season.

On the way back the sky turned dark without any warning and it started to rain. A lot. All that running I've been doing lately came in handy when I ran for cover. That summer rain was a lot like standing in the shower.

View from behind a tree.

Larch tree and birch trees.


Friday, July 22


It feels surreal. First a massive bomb blast in central Oslo and then a shooting at a Labour Party youth camp on an island outside Oslo. I do not understand the kind of evil that hunts down and shoots children at a peaceful youth camp.
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway.

BBC: Twin terror attacks shock Norway
Guardian: Norway attacks - live cover

Wednesday, July 20

Rockabilly Riot

Just got back from a great night in Copenhagen. Brian Setzer rocked Vega with his Rockabilly Riot featuring Slim Jim Phantom. They played a lot of hits and put on one helluva show with bass battles, Stray Cats songs and some fine guitar playing.

I sipped a rum and ginger ale, sang along to almost every song, clapped my hands and stomped my feet until they hurt. And yes, they played fishnet stockings. Yay!

Brian Setzer
Epic bass battle

Brian Setzer
Slim Jim Phantom and Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer
Rockin' the sparkly green Gretsch guitar.

fishnet stockings
"my sweet baby wears fishnet stockings, when she starts a rockin' there ain't no stoppin'"

Full set of blurry camera phone photos on flickr.

Tuesday, July 19


Brian Setzer is playing in Copenhagen tonight and I'm wearing fishnet stockings. See you in the moshpit!

Saturday, July 16

Silverforsa #2

Went to a local car show with the HepCat Store today. It's been a lovely sunny day and I had a nice afternoon in the company of friends.

Miss Ylva doing her thing.

Interior from a really nice little trailer.

Daniel with son Charlie and Denise with daughter Hollie.

These babies are groovin' to vinyl singles in the shade.

Cars. A common sight at car shows.

It was sunny so I brought my parasol.
The top is Vivien of Holloway and the jeans are Freddies of Pinewood.

Friday, July 15

Double Exposure

Had some fun with the double exposure feature in Vignette today.
Found in the bathroom of my favorite restaurant.

"Press pen to flush"

Monday, July 11

New Perspective

I don't remember where on the interwebs I found this image but I like it. It's been sitting on my desktop for weeks.

Hey, hey we're the monkeys...

Friday, July 8

Game of Thrones

Have you seen Game of Thrones? I just finished the first season and it ended just when I really, really wanted to know what was next.
Sorry True Blood and Sons of Anarchy, this is the best show on tv right now.

Saturday, July 2

Frank Turner - I Still Believe

I posted this song on facebook last night and it got a lot of great feedback so I figured I'd post it here as well. If you haven't listened to Frank Turner before, do it now! And once you've listened to I Still Believe you can check out The Road and Photosynthesis.

"Who'd have thought that after all, something as simple as rock n roll would save us all"

Friday, July 1

Fun in Copenhagen

How much fun did we have before Social Distortion's gig in Copenhagen? Maybe a little too much fun... At least we don't take ourselves too seriously.
Alcohol had very little to do with this, we just like to be silly. A lot.

Tony, Jenny and Punky.

Dan looks way too normal to be in this photo.

Nice shot, Jenny.